Your Baby Room Decor – What Babies and Toddlers Want

Consistent Timeless Storybook Nursery Themes

There are a lot of opinion floating around about a baby’s early years and what affect a baby’s surroundings have on a child’s mind and development. The formative years of up to 5 years are highly influential on character development. The mind is extremely receptive to the images, sounds and sensations it picks up and that imagery is integrated and becomes the foundation of the child’s intelligence and personality. That’s why your nursery or baby room décor can have positive or negative effects on your growing child and you yourself.

Give your baby room décor themes rich with meaning for the child and to make you feel better too. If your current baby room / nursery is empty or filled with pop culture items and images, then fill it up with imagery the child can relate to and stimulate their imagination. Children play with an infinite number of new products which often lack character. The goal of the product after all is to promote their brand. They want to get the logo firmly entrenched in your child’s mind and your mind as well. The rich cultural meaning is absent, often because it detracts from the power of the logo and the branding effort.

Your wall decor can compensate for that lack of mental stimulation and deeper association with nature, storybook themes, and happy pleasant themes. From ballerina picture themes to zoo animals for boys, vintage storybook themes have much to offer for child’s development. Simple themes to us, but rich in meaning for toddlers.

Baby Shower Gifts

If you’ve already been shopping for a baby shower gift for a friend, or for an item for your own toddler’s room, you’re probably worn out at the commercialized, brand heavy décor products at the mall or strip plaza. The big box stores make shopping a depersonalization event leaving you drained in spirit, especially after you get home and look at what you’ve purchased.

What’s sometimes awful about the latest craze in baby clothing, décor, furniture, and accessories is the lack of consistency for the child. To the child’s mind, the items are disconnected and babies and young toddlers are very sensitive to change. They crave things that are similar and help them to understand and manage their environment.

New baby room decor items lack a connection to the real world and timeless values. The storybook themes you grew up with were used for that very reason. They made a child’s imagination relevant to real life, not to a fantasy video character who may or may not have a good attitude. Attitude is so important, because it’s your child and you’ll have to live with them for many decades ahead.

Vintage storybook type themes are perfect for making a child feel their thoughts and actions are relevant. Children have self esteem needs very early in life. Cowboys, ballerinas, firemen, fairies, zoo animals and cars and trucks are excellent themes for toddlers. The sooner you start to utilize these child friendly themes, the more confident your child will be. Mastery of life starts with a solid foundation.

Try shopping online for baby shower gifts and baby nursery décor items such as clocks, picture frames, baby memory books and wall art. It’s a lot easier to find what you want and the shipping costs are negligible. Why settle for a product that’s not really going to improve a baby’s development or a child’s imagination?