Upstairs bedroom and bathroom reveals

Upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms were unveiled on The Block this week, and while one team deserved first place, the remaining rankings were harder to digest than full cream milk.

Let’s process some of the major issues …


Luke and Jasmin’s bedroom is the most clucky-inducing space I’ve ever encountered. It’s the sort of room that’d convince the Octomom to have another eight kids.

The wallpaper is everything. The lights are everything. And that hanging chair is everything. There’s nothing to fault here.

The bathroom is equally delicious and speaks perfectly to the style of the other ensuites in this home. Luke and Jasmin have a consistent design scheme rolling out across the property that’ll see them win come auction day. Sadly the same can’t be said for the team that came second.


While Jimmy and Tam delivered a bedroom that was better than some of their others, it was filled with too much joinery.

The bench seat in particular, cutting across the window, looks odd. The top of it is so thin that I’d need to go on Michelle Bridges’ 12 Week Body Challenge just to be sure it’d hold me. Overall it’s a room that feels a bit busy.

The bathroom walls are, in no uncertain terms, completely diabolical. I believe it’s a new paint colour called ‘Last at Auction’. Like most of the Bachelor in Paradise cast, it’s too loud and completely off-putting.

The advice from Shaynna around turning off potential buyers with divisive design is about five weeks too late. The large floor and wall tiles in the bathroom were rather beautiful though.


While the colour palette, wallpaper and bed styling in Sarah and George’s bedroom are all successful, the space as a whole is a little undercooked. If the bed, bedsides and table lamps were larger and evoked some grandeur it would have felt more resolved.

The TV placement is the other element that struck me as odd. You’d need neck-spinning skills like the little girl in The Exorcist just to watch it from bed.

The bathroom on the other hand is a multiple design-gasm. Pass me a cigarette! The quilted tiles are a gift from the design gods and the vanity is absolutely sublime. The only thing at fault here, as The Blaze accurately pointed out, is the placement of the shower hardware; the mixer and shower head are in different postcodes.


Daniel and Jade delivered two bedrooms this week, and while each is fine (albeit a bedside table short in both) neither really feels very magical. The bedrooms also don’t work alongside the rest of the rooms they’ve executed so far.

Every space in this house is a different colour palette and style. There’s no overarching design scheme throughout, and that’s a fail.

Things went from bad to worse in the bathroom, and I’m with Dazzy P on this one: it’s a disaster. The three tiles, for starters, do not belong together. They’re fighting like the cast of Dance Moms. There are too many hard black lines going on, and the mint-coloured basins are an odd colour inclusion considering neither bedroom on this level features those tones. There’s just nothing relaxing or inviting about this zone.


I genuinely feel nothing when I look at Harry and Tash’s bedroom this week, which is problematic in itself. The colour palette is nice, the furniture is nice, the art is nice. It’s all just a bit nice. And I don’t want to buy something nice, I want to buy something phenomenal.

When it comes to the bathroom, sure the crooked wall is an issue. But outside of that I adore almost everything in the space; it’s Harry and Tash’s best bathroom yet. There’s a wonderful sense of simplicity here and yet there’s interest and detail too.

Hopefully they can change their original ensuite to be more aligned with this one. When is the do-over round coming?!

Chris Carroll is the Melbourne-based designer behind TLC Interiors; an interior design studio and home style blog helping everyday Aussies transform their spaces without breaking the bank. | Instagram

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