The Top 18 Affordable, Best Living Room Table Lamps

It began as many successful interior design projects do: a source of light illuminates an empty space, filling the room with warm rays and inspiring the aesthetic. In this case, I’m referring to my new living room. There were so many elements from which to pull inspiration for its design, from the view of the Presidio to the freshly-painted white walls. But what offered me a starting point was one of my most beloved and best living room table lamps. As soon as I set down this small décor piece, the room lit up—literally and figuratively. 

That’s the thing about living room table lamps—or a lamp for any room: I tend to leave this piece of décor to the end. What else do I need? I’ll think to myself as I glance around a room. Oh, a lamp for here. I’m realizing now that letting lamps be afterthoughts is a serious design mistake. Lighting is key—critical, really—for setting the tone of a room. One of the simplest ways to manipulate the look and feel of a space is with a considered, beautiful lamp. 

In truth, lamps may be the underdog of décor. Here, I’ve rounded up 18 of the best living room table lamps on the market, from low to high price ranges, for inspiration. These work for any living room aesthetic, from neutral to bold. Because there’s always a reason to let there be plenty of light. 

Feature image by Kristen Kilpatrick.

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