The Salad House Closes In Somerville

SOMERVILLE, NJ — The Salad House, a fast-casual restaurant specializing in fresh customized and signature salads, has permanently closed its Somerville location.

The eatery at 58 West Main St. in Downtown Somerville closed up on Sept. 28 and is now moving to Livingston due to a number of reasons, said owner David Delinko.

“I am from Livingston and grew up in that area. My wife has a small business in Livingston as well,” Delinko said. “The pandemic gave me time to look at my situation of driving to Somerville every day. I was working crazy hours and never was able to see my family.”

Delinko says he has no ill will towards the Somerville community.

“I love Somerville, the community. I made great friends there,” Delinko said.

Delinko noted how he always made an effort to be involved in the Somerville community donating close to 800 meals to area hospitals during the coronavirus.

His decision came down to what was best for his family and taking an opportunity to be more involved in his own community.

The Salad House in Somerville had opened in February in 2018. The franchise still has locations in Westfield, Millburn and Morristown. And plans to open in Livington and Montclair.

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This article originally appeared on the Bridgewater Patch

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