The 10 Best Interior Accessories for Your Car

Want to make life easier while behind the wheel? These accessories are game-changers, and come highly recommended by the Road & Track staff. Whether it’s for yourself or as a gift, you won’t be disappointed in any of these items.

Foldable Car Garbage Can

Instead of filling your car’s cup holders, storage areas, or floor with trash, install a real, actual trash can like this one to keep things organized. 

It’ll keep garbage from piling up over time, and makes clean-up a breeze. 

Portable 12V-Powered Car Vacuum Cleaner

Anyone who’s had kids in their car will understand how quickly things can get filthy inside. Having this 12-volt-powered vacuum cleaner on hand means quick cleanups for messes and spills. 

Car Audio Cassette to Bluetooth Adapter/Receiver

If you have an older car, your radio or head unit might not have an AUX input for playing your own music through your phone. This receiver from Arsvita can connect to Bluetooth wirelessly, and transmit sound through the connected cassette into your period-correct tape deck. 

12V-Powered Bluetooth FM Transmitter

If your car doesn’t have an AUX input or a cassette tape deck, listening to your own music from your phone can be a bit tricky. This Bluetooth FM transmitter connects wirelessly to your device, then broadcasts sound onto an FM radio channel you can tune into via your radio. 

It sounds complicated, but it’s actually easy to set up, and works well as long as you can find a clean FM signal. There are even two USB ports if you need to charge your devices at the same time. 

12V-Powered Car Power Inverter

If your family is device-obsessed, your car’s standard assortment of charging ports might not cut it. Solve the issue using this Amazon-recommended power inverter. It has two 110-volt wall sockets and four USB charging ports. 

Cargo Trunk Organizer

Your car’s trunk can get disorganized quickly. Instead of letting that happen, buy a trunk organizer like this one to keep everything sorted. It’ll save you space, and make things easier to find when you’re in a hurry.

Head on over here to check out our full list of recommended trunk organizers. 

Lifeline AAA Premium Road Emergency Kit

Stay safe in the event of an emergency with this kit from Lifeline. It includes jumper cables, a poncho, a flashlight, some first aid items, and even zip ties. A must-have for any road-tripper. 

Ram Mounts Twist-Lock Suction Cup Phone Mount

Car phone mounts don’t get much better than this. Ram Mounts makes some of the most durable, dependable mounts on the market, with easy-to-use mounting and adjustment functions. 

This particular setup uses a one-size-fits-all X-mount, with rubber grips and a spring-loaded release action. So even if you get a new phone, it’ll still fit perfectly. 

Air Vent-Mounted Car Phone Mount

Looking for a phone mount that’s a little more subtle? This one, made by Kenu, mounts to most air vents within seconds, and uses a sliding mechanism to hold your device. 

It’s simple, easy, cheap, and fits pretty much anywhere. 

Garmin High Speed Multi-Charger

A favorite among the big road-trippers on staff, Garmin’s high speed multi-charger uses a pass-through to power two USB ports and a 12-volt socket, meaning you can power your preferred devices without having to sacrifice a 12-volt port. 

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