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Mum transforms her tiny boring bathroom – and you won’t believe it’s the same room

A mum has revamped her tiny bathroom from boring to beautiful – and people can’t believe it’s the same room.

The upcycling-savvy mum posted the incredible transformation on her Instagram page @prettyprospetcottage – and got hundreds of comments from people who couldn’t believe the difference.

Before the revamp the bathroom was boring and bland with plain beige wall tiles, wooden floo and a cream bathroom suite.

The bathroom after

But after the mum got creative the old bath was ripped out and replaced with a classic freestanding model.

The main wall now has striking navy and gold starburst tile. the floor has funk hexagonal-patterned  linoleum and the walls are covered in slanted white tiles on one wall and tiles and navy paint on another.

Posting on her Instagram page, the mum admitted the bathroom has totally

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Kendall Jenner parades tiny waist and voluptuous hips in sizzling bathroom snap

Kendall Jenner has flaunted her supermodel genes in her most recent social media update.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star proved exactly why she deserves a spot on the Victoria’s Secret runway as she paraded her enviable figure in a sizzling bathroom mirror selfie.

The 24-year-old bombshell oozed sex appeal in a high-waisted floral bikini which did wonders to accentuate her cinched wait and killer curves.

She stood tall to show off her toned tummy and endless pins while allowing fans to have a sneak peek inside her minimalist bathroom.

Reality star turned supermodel Kendall captioned the eye-popping shot: “Good bathroom”.

Kendall Jenner has flaunted her supermodel genes in her most recent social media update

In a second snap, the model shared a rather mysterious shot of her bathroom sink which featured a heart-shaped bar of soap and a

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LSU Garden News: Those tiny moths you see are producing webworms that are killing your lawn | Home/Garden

Across the state, lawns are in trouble.

Sod webworms are the main culprit this year, said LSU AgCenter Extension specialist Ron Strahan.

“The numbers are biblical,” Strahan said. “We have observed nearly every house on a single street with damage in the lawn.”

The first sign that your lawn might have a problem are small moths that are light brown to dark brown with striping on the wings. They fly around as you walk through the grass or around outdoor lights at night. These moths lay eggs on grass blades.

Larvae hatch a week or so later, maturing into adult moths in three to five weeks. There can be two or more generations each year.

Larvae are amber in color but become greener as they feed on the blades of grass at night, causing damage to the lawn.

Another sign of sod webworms are yellowing and browning patches of dead

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11 kitchen garden ideas for gardeners with tiny spaces

Agriculture Chief Administrative Secretary Anne Nyaga during the launch of Kilimo kitchen garden project in Nairobi. [Wilberforce Okwiri, Standard]

In capitalism one eats food they pay for. You pay for the food from your pocket or by farming it yourself.

On Tuesday this week, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperative, launched the model kitchen garden developed in collaboration with Scaling up Nutrition Civil Society Alliance (SUN CSA Kenya).

“Kitchen gardens are the easiest ways households can ensure inexpensive supply of fresh vegetables, herbs, spices and other plants,” Anne Nyaga, the Chief Administrative Secretary, said at the event.

The model kitchen garden, located at Kilimo House in Upper Hill, Nairobi, is the centrepiece of the call by the Government for families to cultivate home-based gardens, “at least one million kitchen gardens across the country,” Nyaga said.

Affordable food at home

“The focus is not only to make food available

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5 Tips Small Businesses Can Take Away From The Tiny House Movement

What on earth could small businesses learn from the tiny house movement if your industry is unrelated? It comes as no surprise that the growth, mission, popularity and purpose of the tiny house movement have grown over the past decade. People are joining this movement for financial freedom, environmental and leisure enjoyment. These owners reduce skyrocketing maintenance costs and living expenses that come from soaring mortgage payments of capacious houses. This movement also frees up more time to spend with family and travel.

Over the past decade, we have seen the increase in restructuring, downsizing and corporate dismantling by many large firms. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, 99.7 percent of all employer firms are small businesses. While this percentage is an impressive number, there are some great tips many small businesses can take away from the tiny house movement.

  • Compact and mobile: Owners of tiny houses downsize
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Tiny Living: Tiny House Design For Families

There are singles, couples and even families who are opting to live in tiny homes and spend most of their lives traveling and exploring new places. This way they are relieved from the burden of paying heavy mortgages and house taxes. With the tiny home living lifestyle, you can now save more and spend more on yourself. This is bringing a sense of freedom, especially in the younger generation.

For families, however, opting this way of lifestyle can become a little hard at times as tiny homes are no doubt limited on space, and adjusting more than two can take a little more effort and planning. So in order to make the space more comfortable, you can opt for the following options to be incorporated into your tiny living space.

Adding Extra Partitions:

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Do You Have Small, Tiny Red Bugs in Your Bathroom?

Although there are several possibilities, the potential of a stored product pest infestation should not be overlooked- in particular, the presence of flour beetles.

The confused flour beetle and the red flour beetle look very similar in appearance. The best way to distinguish the two is by examining their antennae. The RFB’s antennae take on a clubbed shape with three segments at the end, while the CFB’s antennae gradually enlarge towards the tip, ending in a four-segmented club.

Another difference between the two beetles is that the RFB (primarily found in southern states) is a strong flier, while the CFB (primarily a northern pest) does not fly.

As adults, both beetles have shiny, reddish brown bodies that are about 1/8 inch long, flattened, and oval. They have a very wide food range including flour, rice, cereals, grains, spices, grain products, shelled nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, beans and other similar materials.… Read More