See a flyover for World War II vet, Art Kahley with his son Dave in the lead, on his 98th birthday with vintage photos.

York Daily Record

YORK, Pa. — The old anti-aircraft gunner looked up into a cloudless, late-morning sky. The growl of engines in the distance grew louder.

Moments later, four authentic World War II planes soared just a thousand feet above in perfect alignment, trailing smoke for all to see.

Arlington “Art” Kahley saluted with a wave of his hickory walking stick.

The planes made four passes over their Regents Glen neighborhood on the southwest side of York.

A show of honor, son to father.

A life of service validated, once again.

It meant even more than that for Art Kahley. His wit is as quick and his heart as kind as ever, but age and ailments have weighed heavy. He just turned 98 last week.