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Save up to 20% on easy-care plants

These are the best Prime Day deals on live plants:

Prime Day has arrived, and the deals aren’t all TVs and laptops (though we’ve rounded up amazing deals on those, too). As of Oct. 13, Amazon is running a sale on live plants, offering up to 20% off several of our favorite easy-care options. 

Have you turned into a doting plant parent over the last few months? If you suddenly have heart eyes for every plant you see, why not add a few more to the collection? After all, plants brighten up any space and are generally great for the air, too.

Your roommates or family

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Rare tropical plants taken in raid from Wellington Botanic Garden

Tropical plants worth thousands of dollars were stolen from Begonia House at Wellington’s Botanic Garden.


Tropical plants worth thousands of dollars were stolen from Begonia House at Wellington’s Botanic Garden.

A dozen tropical plants costing thousands of dollars have been stolen from Wellington’s Botanic Garden.

Thieves took the plants, some of which were a metre high, as well as cuttings from Begonia House, manager David Sole said.

But while plant theft was becoming more common, it was the biggest theft ever seen at the gardens

“This type of plant theft is becoming more prevalent across New Zealand as there is a fad for rare or unusual houseplants which seems to be driving the market,” he said.

* What are the most Instagrammable houseplants? Turns out it’s prickly old cacti
* Rare plant stolen from Christchurch Botanic Gardens could fetch thousands on ‘black market’
* Coveted houseplant which sells for thousands of dollars stolen from Christchurch Botanic Gardens

Garden Manager David Sole says there are plans to beef-up security and monitoring of Begonia House.


Garden Manager

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Gardening: Screening plants allow you to enjoy more privacy


Little Gem southern magnolia being used as a privacy screen.

Special to the Star-Telegram

Privacy is a prized commodity in today’s squeezed urban living.

Our little outdoor retreats are conjoined at the gas grills, and we’re trying to figure ways to isolate ourselves from those all around us.

Often that task falls to our landscapes, and fences come first. Certainly, wood fencing and brick or stone walls give great visual blockage, but they’re also, shall we say, rather like prisons. Plants can step in to soften them.

Vines are your best bets for relaxing the harshness of walls. But you’ll need to know how each type of vine climbs and which will be the best match for your particular structure.

Some types of vines twine around their supports, winding around wood or metal as they grow upward.

Carolina jessamine and the various honeysuckles are classic examples. They’re great

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Tips for how to save your plants over the winter in Colorado

Here’s how you can save your plants — without a greenhouse.

DENVER — As night temperatures drop, gardeners need to decide which plants to dig and save over winter.

You don’t need a greenhouse to do this. You do need sunny south or west-facing windows or indoor grow lights.

Forget saving annuals that complete their life cycles in a single season, such as marigolds, zinnias or petunias.

Concentrate on long-lived tropical perennials and shrubs. This includes common flowers such as geraniums and begonias as well as more exotic plants. You can save the “mother” plant or take cuttings, or sometimes both.

It’s easy to dig up and re-pot many plants. Cut them back a bit as you do that.

Cuttings root easily in jars of water. Once rooted, these can also be easily potted up as well.

Plants that are easy to root include coleus, bloodleaf, sweet potato vine, sun-tolerant

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10 indoor plants to infuse natural greens into your home decor

Taking care of a plant is like taking care of a pet; both need food, water, sunshine (walk/stretch in a pet’s case), love and patience. Plants and succulents are a great way to add a touch of nature into your home. Here are some house plants that you can include into your little home nursery.

10 indoor plants to infuse natural greens into your home decor

Strings of pearl: This plant produces long thread-like stems of green, round, beaded foliage that spills over the side of the pot making a uniquely bohemian and wild display. It is perfect for those forgetful gardeners as it copes admirably with little water.

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10 indoor plants to infuse natural greens into your home decor

Neon prayer plant: Also known as the Hardy Maranta plant, this one is perfect to crowd your windowsill with a dash of colour.

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Artificial plants and flowers for home decor

Now that everyone is spending more time indoors, faux plants that truly look real can add a touch of nature to your space, minus the upkeep. After all, some people love the look of plants in their home but seriously lack a green thumb. Others love to change things up and decorate seasonally, so they hesitate to commit to living plants, which generally have to be cared for all year. Either way, carefully selected faux plants and flowers give you all the highs of having a home with greenery without the lows of having to worry about watering, fertilizing or moving it around to ensure it gets enough sunlight.

a palm tree: Nearly Natural Mix Greens Artificial Plant in Planter

© Home Depot
Nearly Natural Mix Greens Artificial Plant in Planter

a vase of flowers on a table: MyGift Set of 3 Artificial Plants

© Amazon
MyGift Set of 3 Artificial Plants

When selecting faux plants and flowers for your home, look for real-looking trunks and stems first. These are the foundations of a

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Hanging Indoor Plants Best for Creating Wilderness

a vase of flowers on a plant: Jungle-Theme Décor: Hanging Indoor Plants Best for Creating Wilderness

© Provided by News18
Jungle-Theme Décor: Hanging Indoor Plants Best for Creating Wilderness

[hans]People are trying to get busier in their homes since the pandemic. Creativity and hobbies have been the new hype this year. Beautifying or decorating our homes is a perfect way of killing your time efficiently while you are locked up inside your houses. Hanging houseplants is the most hype for creating the bohemian décor of the living space or indoor jungles inside the house. The demand for indoor pants has been shooting up after Instagram influencers were seen designing the indoor jungles.

Indoor plants like succulents can add an exquisite touch to your home. In fact, hanging plants brings greenery without taking all the space in the room. So, here are some plants which can be a hanging plant décor to create the indoor jungle look of your space:

Fishbone Cactus: This cactus plant is perfect

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7 pretty rockery ideas and 20 best rock garden plants

a close up of a rock wall: Rock garden ideas: Japanese rock garden, by David Martin

© Provided by Real Homes
Rock garden ideas: Japanese rock garden, by David Martin

These rock garden ideas will inspire you to create your very own rockery – it’s just as well that autumn is a perfect time to start building a rock garden. Rockeries are easy to build from scratch is just about any garden. Even if you haven’t got the space for an expansive rock garden, you can start one in containers and display it on a garden table. See all our favourite rock garden ideas below.

Find more garden ideas at our dedicated page.

1. Rock garden ideas for a slope? Build tiers

Sloped gardens present lots of wonderful opportunities for rock garden ideas – use stones of roughly the same size to create a spectacular tiered rock garden, filling the spaces between the rocks generously with rock garden plants of different heights and sizes. 

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Identifying Healthy Plants for Purchase in Your Garden Center

A trip to your local gardening center can be exciting and overwhelming all at once. There are so many beautiful plants, trees, and shrubs from which to choose. Make sure all of the plants you pick out are strong enough to survive in your garden and your Landscape Design. Here are the things you should look out for when you’re shopping for plants to make sure you’re bringing home robust, healthy plants to add to your garden.

There are two main areas you want to look at when determining the relative health of a plant. The first is the foliage of the plant. You want the foliage to be thick and bushy rather than thinned out and sparse. The leaves should all be a vibrant green unless the plant species have leaves of different colors. Plants that look thin have probably not been cared for very well, and you will … Read More

Five Butterfly Attracting Plants For Your Garden

What could be better than sitting outside, enjoying your garden, while beautiful butterflies circle you? Everyone loves seeing butterflies with their colorful wings and smooth flying, but you don’t have to leave catching a glimpse of one up to chance. When you’re planning your garden, you can select your plants with butterflies in mind, so you attract them into your yard and can enjoy them at any time. There are hundreds of plants and flowers that butterflies love, so you have plenty of options for choosing plants that not only bring in butterflies but give your garden a look you are after. These five plants, however, are especially useful for bringing butterflies to your backyard.

First, before you start selecting your butterfly garden plants, there are a few basics you should keep in mind. Butterflies tend to be most active in the mid summertime, so choosing plants that bloom is … Read More