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Parliament summons Interior Minister over killing of Mfantseman MP

General News of Friday, 9 October 2020

Source: 3 News


Interior Minister, Ambrose DeryInterior Minister, Ambrose Dery

The Speaker of Parliament, Professor Mike Aaron Oquaye, has summoned the Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery, to appear before the House to answer questions following the gruesome murder of the Member of Parliament for Mfantseman Constituency.

Prof Oquaye “respectfully” directed on the floor of the House Friday, October 9 that the Interior Minister appears before it “on Tuesday to give explanations, and assure the protection of honourable members so they will advise themselves as they see fit in all the circumstances”.

A subsequent statement issued on his behalf by the Director of Public Affairs of Parliament, Kate Addo, asked the police to quicken investigations into the murder and bring the criminals to book.

“Parliament is shocked and extremely saddened by the gruesome murder of the Member of Parliament for Mfantseman, Hon Ekow Quansah Hayford.

“The first

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Husband was arrested on suspicion of killing wife after she fell over in bathroom and hit her head

A husband was arrested on suspicion of killing his wife in a domestic violence incident after she drunkenly fell over in their en-suite bathroom and hit her head, an inquest heard. 

Tracy Bailey and her husband Austin had been sleeping in separate bedrooms in the week before she died, after they got into a ‘petty argument’ which was blown out of proportion, the inquest was told. 

When Mr Bailey awoke on September 10 last year he found his 44-year-old wife laying on her right side on their bathroom floor, with her head against the side of the shower tray and a clear head injury. 

In a statement to the inquest, Mr Bailey said: ‘I was distraught and did not want to believe that she was dead.’ 

Tracy Bailey (pictured) and her husband Austin had been sleeping in separate bedrooms in the week before she died, after they got into a

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LSU Garden News: Those tiny moths you see are producing webworms that are killing your lawn | Home/Garden

Across the state, lawns are in trouble.

Sod webworms are the main culprit this year, said LSU AgCenter Extension specialist Ron Strahan.

“The numbers are biblical,” Strahan said. “We have observed nearly every house on a single street with damage in the lawn.”

The first sign that your lawn might have a problem are small moths that are light brown to dark brown with striping on the wings. They fly around as you walk through the grass or around outdoor lights at night. These moths lay eggs on grass blades.

Larvae hatch a week or so later, maturing into adult moths in three to five weeks. There can be two or more generations each year.

Larvae are amber in color but become greener as they feed on the blades of grass at night, causing damage to the lawn.

Another sign of sod webworms are yellowing and browning patches of dead

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Is Your Bathroom Killing Your Romance?

Being a romance expert, I get this question a lot:

How do I make a good first impression on a date?

Or, for men that aren’t usually very romantic, what’s something important they can do to create romance?

The number one thing they should be thinking about, before the candles, before the dinner reservations and before the romantic music is cleanliness. Yes, I said cleanliness. Good personal hygiene and a clean house and car will ensure a good first impression. Not a believer yet, read on.

If you’re picking her up in your vehicle and she has to kick the trash out of her way to put her feet on the floor, this is not a good thing. Is the arm rest grimy and the passenger seat dirty from your buddies greasy clothes? This is not a good thing. Here is what she is thinking, “I can’t believe I’m sitting … Read More