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Book Review: A House Interrupted

When the author, Maurita Corcoran, the author of this book, got married, she had no idea about how her past or her husband’s past would result in pain for both of them and their children.

Maurita was raised by a very busy father and an emotionally distant mother. They lived in a big house and even though their practical needs were met, Mauirta’s emotional needs weren’t.

When Maurita met Ben, he was a lifeguard. He built a very successful career as a physician. Maurita and Ben became the parents of four children. All of their lives were negatively affected when, after fourteen years together, Ben shocked Maurita with the news that he was a sex addict. Maurita didn’t really even know what that meant and, as she learned more about how this had been evidenced in Ben’s life with pornography and affairs, she was overwhelmed.

Throughout “A House Interrupted” Mauiita … Read More