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Wife whose husband, 29, slit her throat with a knife during drunken row about his son FORGIVES him

A wife whose husband slit her throat with a kitchen knife during a drunken row about his son has forgiven him and wants him to return home. 

Johnathan Thompson, 29, from Rochdale, ran a kitchen knife across the neck of his spouse Hayley and also choked her until she passed out after they rowed about contact arrangements for his young son, who is from a previous relationship. 

Afterwards, as blood poured from his wife’s throat, barman Thompson – who had been drinking for 12 hours beforehand – shouted ‘what have I done? I am a monster’ and then sank to his knees in tears. 

Following the attack, in February of this year, he then turned the knife on himself as police were called to the scene. He has now been jailed for 22 months for the attack. 

But his wife, who he married in 2018, continues to support him and

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