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Like magic, a girl’s faerie garden reappeared

Olivia is a science kid, into hard facts and non-fiction books. But her mom’s mom — they call her “Gramma Carrot” — likes to tell her stories about faeries and their secret world.

The garden slowly grew, bit by bit, tiny toadstool by ribbon-wrapped stick.

It was a fantasy escape for 7-year-old Olivia. In this year full of big things, the little things seem to matter even more.

Then, on a Saturday morning in August, Olivia’s mom, Rachel, walked outside and noticed the faerie garden was gone.

Someone had stolen it in the night. All of it.

“My thought,” says Rachel, a music teacher at Folwell and Churchill elementaries, “was ‘One more point for 2020; one less point for us.’”

Something, though, sparked a response.

Rachel (a classical musician) texted her dad (English major and poet) and her brother (JRR Tolkien enthusiast). The three of them started writing, well, a

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