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The Rose Garden Coronavirus Experiment

Back at the White House, more and more staffers, including some of the below-the-line workers, are testing positive. The Residence has hired a “‘well-being’ consultant,” whom “staff members can speak to anonymously, specifically to focus on mental health concerns.” Line forms to the left.

Throughout his ordeal, the president has been fully transparent. What happened was, he didn’t feel so good. And when it came to going to the hospital, he’d had no choice. He couldn’t just stay in the White House, couldn’t just stay upstairs and not go anywhere—because that’s what they wanted: “Don’t see people. Don’t talk to people.” But that was impossible. He had to be out front. He couldn’t stay locked up in a room, totally safe. Couldn’t just say, “Hey, whatever happens, happens.” This is the most powerful country in the world, and as a leader, you

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