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Kiwis baffled by interior design of Wellington’s most expensive house listing

a tall glass building: The house's unusual décor has caught the attention of Kiwis.

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The house’s unusual décor has caught the attention of Kiwis.

A palatial home for sale in Wellington has caught the attention of New Zealanders – and not just for its eye watering price.

With an asking price of $7,950,000, the 742-square metre Thorndon mansion is the most expensive house to ever come on the market in Wellington. But it’s a neon sign in one of the dining rooms that got the property listing onto social media site Reddit.

The sign reads “S I N” in large capital letters and users are baffled by it.

“Blasphemy. They sit there around that long table and blaspheme all evening. Sinners,” theorised one person.

Another said maybe the owners of the property “just like maths”. 

Sin is the shortened form of sine – a trigonometric function of an angle. Not everyone was a

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