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Police searching for masked man who ‘grabbed and dragged’ child in the Interior

Police in the BC Interior are on the lookout for a suspect who allegedly tried to abduct a child in Quesnel on Monday.

According to police, an 11-year-old boy is safe after being “grabbed and dragged” by an unknown man on the river walk trail between the Quesnel River Bridge and the Lebourdais Park ball diamond. The incident occurred shortly after 7 pm when the boy was on a walk with his family.

At one point in the walk, the boy stopped to rest while his parents trudged forward. When he stopped, a man in a mask ran at the boy and grabbed him from around his neck.

As the boy was being dragged from behind, he was able to fight off the attacker and run to the safety of his family.

The suspect, who fled the scene, was described as being 5’9″ and skinny. He was wearing a ski

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