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troy dunn designs an urban garden planter formed with the ocean cleanup’s recycled plastic

for environmental enthusiasts, boyan slat has become somewhat synonymous with the title ‘teen prodigy.’ back in 2012, the dutch engineering student first floated his concept for the ocean cleanup array—a boyant trash trap that uses natural currents from the pacific ocean to clean the garbage within it. eight years later, the initiative is seeking products to manufacture using the plastic collected from the ocean. developed by troy dunn, the ocean cleanup urban garden planter is a project that took into consideration the guidelines slat gave in various podcasts.

troy dunn designs an urban garden planter formed with the ocean cleanup's recycled plastic



for boyan slat, a product made with the ocean cleanup collected plastic must be durable in construction, able to retain its value, something people want, should be kept for life, should be easy to use and should encourage social interaction. the ocean cleanup urban garden planter by troy dunn checks all this by creating a product that allows for urban farming, social

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Bathroom Designs Idea – Can I Design My Own Bathroom?

A bathroom designs idea — can I really design my own bathroom? Why not! Today, the bathroom is much more than just a room for grooming and a place to read. Bathrooms can be a good place for home exercise equipment and a good music system or TV, for example. What better way to unwind from the day than a soothing shower or warm soak in the tub with candles and relaxing music. So start a notebook. When you get a bathroom designs idea, write it down. Soon you’ll have defined the bathroom that’s just right for you.

Design my own bathroom? You bet you can! When designing your own bathroom, some of the questions you should ask (and answer) include:

1. How big will the bathroom be? Bathroom sizes include:

o Master bathroom or luxury bathroom – includes toilet, bidet, two sinks, separate tub and shower, whirpool or spa … Read More

Old World Style Kitchen Designs

With the emergence of new styles and modern amenities, today’s kitchens have undergone complete transformation. Along with the appliances, the set ups of the tiles, boards and kitchen counters also have been reformed. Even so, there are certain individuals who prefer to give their kitchens an authentic and traditional look and hence, the Old World style kitchens have been successful in sustaining their standing.

Old World kitchens were designed in a unique manner. They typically were heavily decorated with distinctive door styles, layered finishes, and stacked with moldings to provide a visual feast. The most frequently used wood for the Old World furniture was either Oak or Cherry. The Old World style kitchen accessories included copper posts, baskets, chopping blocks, crocks, and antique serving pieces. The floors were made either of tiles or wood finishing. The wood and tile finishing differed in darkness level, distressing, sandthrough, paint, and edging. The … Read More