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Grow Watermelons on Decorative Garden Obelisks

Don’t limit your garden obelisks to supporting just flowering vines. Put them to use in your vegetable garden, supporting any of a number of fruiting vines that are grown in home vegetable gardens.

Single serving size watermelons are ideal for vertical growing, whether on decorative obelisks, trellises, arbors or on more functional and utilitarian vegetable garden support structures.

A hot-weather-loving crop that is native to Africa, watermelons (Citrullus spp.) need long, hot summers to develop their sugars and characteristic sweetness. Get a jump on the season, especially in colder northern areas by starting seeds of watermelon indoors.

If you’re growing seedless watermelons, you must plant a regular seeded watermelon variety alongside them to pollinate the seedless variety, otherwise they will not produce any fruit. Plant a seeded variety that looks vastly different from your seedless variety for easier identification.

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