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Popular kitchen gadgets from every decade

Kitchens have changed pretty dramatically over the years. And with new technologies, changing habits and evolving food trends, an endless stream of gadgets and appliances have hit the shelves through the decades. Starting in the 1920s, we’ve zipped down memory lane to bring you the kitchen tools that have defined cooking through the ages.

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After the First World War, kitchens were changing in America, Britain and beyond. With more women filling the workforce than ever before, the need for nifty, time-saving cooking devices was paramount. Enter the automatic toaster. A pop-up toaster that could brown bread on both sides at once was patented early in the Twenties and, by 1926, it was on shelves under the name ‘Toastmaster’.

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Summerville’s Katie’s Krops reflects on over a decade of national community garden work | News

SUMMERVILLE — Not many people can say they were internationally recognized for their service, created a program that spans across the United States or are a published author. 

Summerville native Katie Stagliano did all three by the time she was 21. 

“Age is just a number,” she said. “You will be amazed at what you can accomplish.” 


Katie Stagliano (left) and her mother, Stacy, remove tree roots from a tiller they were using to break up soil in a garden bed on Wednesday Sept. 23, 2020, at Crossroads Community Church in Summerville. Gavin McIntyre/Staff

Stagliano is the founder of Katie’s Krops, a community garden organization with the goal of combating hunger through donating produce. She is also the organizer of Katie’s Krops Garden-To-Table Dinners, a program in which Stagliano and other volunteers serve fresh meals to local residents.

The organization started in 2008 with a garden

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