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It’s James Deakin versus licensed interior designers this time

The TV host offended some designers for working with an unlicensed decorator and then asking: ‘Do you really require a license or law for choosing fabrics, colors, and furniture?

Sometimes, there comes a necessary—if a little aggressive—conversation that shines a spotlight on a long brewing issue. Social media has certainly accelerated how we’ve pushed certain topics to the fore. 

The hot topic issue of the coming week—James Deakin being called out for working with a “decorator” instead of a licensed interior designer. He is certainly not the first person to do that, but as one of the more famous personalities, many designers felt it was an affront and an endorsement to hire non-licensed interior decorators.  

On Sunday, Oct. 4,  the TV host on Facebook defended his decision to work with YouTube vlogger Elle Uy, who has recently rounded up her followers to 700,000 strong, on his place.


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