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Your Favorite Apron and Kitchen Gear Companies Are Now Making Face Masks

Update, October 6, 2020: This article was originally published on April 27, 2020, and recently updated to include more shoppable masks.

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The seamstresses at Tilit were already working from home when Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York put out a call on Twitter.

“On March 20, Cuomo had this call to action, saying that NYC was running out of PPE [personal protective equipment]. ‘Small businesses, small companies, get creative,’ was essentially what his Twitter message said, ‘and start helping out,’” says Jenny Goodman, chief operating officer of Tilit, which makes chef coats, aprons, and other “workwear” items for hospitality workers.

Within hours, the team settled on a no-brainer solution. As Goodman explains it, Alex McCrery, Tilit’s founder, happened to be in the office at that moment. “He cut a mask pattern and sewed a sample, and we were like, ‘Okay, let’s make masks.’”


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White House cited drug companies’ objections in overruling FDA’s vaccine standards

“In a normal procedure, the industry wouldn’t be talking at all to the White House about this,” said John Moore, a professor of microbiology and immunology at Weill Cornell Medical College. “The White House again is blurring and muddying the waters on all of this.”

Trump has repeatedly telegraphed his eagerness to deliver a vaccine before Nov. 3, and one drug maker – Pfizer – has said it could still meet that timeline. During last week’s presidential debate, Trump went as far as to assert he’d been personally assured a coronavirus vaccine could be ready within weeks.

“I’ve spoken to Pfizer, I’ve spoken to all of the people that you have to speak to – Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and others,” he said, dismissing his own health officials’ projections that a vaccine likely won’t be available until the end of the year. “They can go faster than that by a

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White House pressures Republicans to go after social media companies before election

The White House is pressuring Senate Republicans, just weeks before the election, to investigate social media companies that it says are censoring conservative voices, according to people familiar with the matter.

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The Trump administration has pushed members of key Senate committees to hold hearings related to tech censorship and asked certain senators to introduce relevant legislation, according to two Republican Senate staffers.

The White House strategy appears to be working. Multiple bills related to tech censorship have been introduced in the Senate in the past few weeks, and the CEOs of three leading social media companies were subpoenaed on Thursday to testify in front of a relevant Senate committee.

“The White House has been in touch with multiple members in the past few weeks about their views on censorship and what they would like to see happen,” a Republican Senate staffer said.

“It goes

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