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Ghetto Gastro Teamed Up With Crux to Launch a Killer Kitchen Appliance Collab

A recent photo on Ghetto Gastro’s Instagram shows an olive oil-laden cake, finished in a crisscrossing pattern of white LVs and four-pointed stars—the Louis Vuitton Damier. “Eat up the drip,” Ghetto Gastro co-founder Chef Lester Walker captioned it. Before that, the team was advertising an Instagram Live hosted by themselves and Samin Nosrat, the woman who reacquainted us all with the wonders of salt, fat, acid, and heat, for New York Times Cooking. Tonight, Ghetto Gastro’s got Matty Matheson of Vice’s Munchies fame talking with co-founder Jon Gray about his new, homestyle cookbook in a virtual event put on by the Strand bookstore in New York.

The collective, which began in part to showcase the culinary excellence of the Bronx, has cemented itself as the “Black Power kitchen of tomorrow,” intertwining the issues of racism with food insecurity, to name just one talking point. It disperses cooking vibes, urges followers

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