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Seattle’s ‘Riot Kitchen’ volunteers arrested on way to Jacob Blake protests in Wisconsin

Riot Kitchen, formed in Seattle at the height of the protests, says its aim is to feed protesters. Kenosha police arrested group members this week.

Several members of the Seattle group “Riot Kitchen” were arrested in Kenosha, Wisconsin this week by police and federal agents, and the group claims they did nothing to warrant the attention from law enforcement.

A video of the arrest was shared online, and reposted by the Riot Kitchen account. It shows unmarked SUVs boxing in a tan minivan. Uniformed officers exit these vehicles, break a window on the van and the people inside the van exit.

Police then take control of the minivan, and drive it away as onlookers record. A U.S. Marshal was involved, according to Kenosha Police Department.

The presence of federal officers in U.S. cities experiencing protests has caused controversy this summer.

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