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Amos House In Danbury Helps Homeless Moms Reclaim Their Lives

DANBURY, CT — There’s a halfway point between living at a homeless shelter and living in your home. For single mothers, that point is a very narrow and slippery ledge.

Amos House in Danbury provides that ledge — the official term is “transitional housing” — for homeless women and their children looking to take that step up from shelter life. The two-floor facility provides them with rooms, a community and a springboard to their next act. Its goal is to see all its residents “graduate” to apartments and jobs of their own.

The program has enjoyed an 80 percent success rate since Lisa Casagrande Koeppel was named executive director three years ago. It’s an achievement made all the more remarkable since the start of Koeppel’s gig coincided with the state pulling all of its funding for the facility.

Amos House wasn’t alone on the hit list. Connecticut ceased providing funding

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