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"Africa For Africans" – Speech Delivered by Marcus Garvey at Madison Square Garden, New York

Marcus Garvey was an inspiration to many; however, he encountered much difficulty in trying to implement his plan of returning Africans to Africa. Not only was he fought against by non-Africans, but he was fought against by African-Americans. His speech given at Madison Square Garden, regarding Africa for Africans, Egypt for the Egyptians, Asia for the Asians, and Ireland for the Irish was very emotional and soul stirring to many of African descent.

Marcus Garvey’s plea had a message of liberty for Africans. His message highlighted the point that all men should be free to work for their own salvation. Since other nations were working to achieve theirs salvation, Africans should be allowed to do the same, and they should be given the latitude to create their own cultural heritage. His appeal was to the white world to yield unto Africans a place where they would be able to … Read More