Salvage Sisters wins Best Home Decor Store


WAITE PARK — “New to you” has never looked more chic.

Salvage Sisters – A Repurposed Store —  a local favorite for repurposed furniture and interior embellishments — earned the most votes for Best Home Decor Store in the 2020 Best of Central Minnesota Readers’ Survey. The Times asked Salvage Sisters co-owner Renee Lelwica about making a house a home through its furnishings.

TIMES: What about repurposing or upcycling brings joy?

LELWICA: Saving an item or piece of furniture from the dumpster and turning it into something that someone wants to put in their home is extremely satisfying and bring lots of joy. 

You can recommend one item to transform a customer’s living space aesthetic. What item do you recommend?

The easiest way to transform a room is to de-clutter, rearrange the furniture and change out small accessories. The accessory that probably has the biggest impact is throw pillows.

What is one thing you do that you believe helps you engage with customers successfully?

My favorite way to engage with customers is simply say hi, smile and invite them in. An authentic greeting always welcomes conversation. 

Your vendor list is long and your inventory turnover is constant. How do you manage that, and what do you think that does for your store?

Our inventory is immense and constantly changing. We have the best vendors in the business. They are extremely talented, passionate and hard-working. Most have been with us from the beginning. We’re in our seventh year, so that says a lot. Also, several vendors are in our Baxter location as well. The constant turnover ensures our customers always have a new shopping experience. It also says buy it when you see it, because it won’t be there when you come back!

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