NH AFL-CIO Announces Endorsed Candidates For New Hampshire House

HOOKSETT, NH — The New Hampshire AFL-CIO has announced a series of endorsements made by this year’s Legislative Conference. This event takes place in even-numbered years to allow all of the affiliated union locals that make up the New Hampshire AFL-CIO. This year, they endorsed full slates for both the New Hampshire Senate and Executive Council and a bipartisan slate of 224 candidates for the New Hampshire House.

“The New Hampshire AFL-CIO leadership does a lot of research putting together this slate, especially for the House candidates,” NH AFL-CIO Pres. Glenn Brackett said, “Between an analysis of voting records that included 156 votes and a twenty-six question survey, the NH AFL-CIO Legislative Committee acquired a granular understanding of where candidates for the New Hampshire General Court stand.”

The New Hampshire AFL-CIO plans an aggressive fall campaign letting their members and members of organized labor know who will and will not support the economic interests of workers and safe workplaces during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. The House candidates are listed below and you can find the entire list of New Hampshire AFL-CIO endorsed candidates at their website at www.nhaflcio.org or on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/nhaflcio.

A complete list of our endorsed candidates for the New Hampshire House –
1 Belknap Robert Joseph Jr Democrat
2 Belknap Diane Hanley Democrat
2 Belknap Natalie Taylor Democrat
2 Belknap Dara McCue Democrat
3 Belknap Carlos Cardona Democrat
3 Belknap Gail Ober Democrat
5 Belknap Stephen Larimer Copithorne Democrat
5 Belknap Duane Hammond Democrat
6 Belknap Douglas Trottier Democrat
6 Belknap Don House Democrat
9 Belknap Charlie St. Clair Democrat
1 Carroll Anita Burroughs Democrat
2 Carroll Stephen Woodcock Democrat
2 Carroll Tom Buco Democrat
3 Carroll Jerry Knirk Democrat
4 Carroll Caroline Nesbitt Democrat
8 Carroll Eve Klotz Democrat
1 Cheshire Lucy Weber Democrat
1 Cheshire Michael Abbott Democrat
1 Cheshire Paul Berch Democrat
1 Cheshire Catharyn Harvey Democrat
2 Cheshire John Mann Democrat
3 Cheshire Daniel Eaton Democrat
4 Cheshire Lawrence Welkowitz Democrat
5 Cheshire John Bordenet Democrat
9 Cheshire Douglas Ley Democrat
9 Cheshire Richard M. Abel Ames Democrat
10 Cheshire Lucius Parshall Democrat
11 Cheshire Patricia Ann Martin Democrat
12 Cheshire Barry Faulkner Democrat
15 Cheshire Bruce Tatro Democrat
16 Cheshire Joe Shapiro Democrat
3 Coos Larry Laflamme Democrat
3 Coos Henry Noel Democrat
4 Coos Evalyn Merrick Democrat
5 Coos Edith Tucker Democrat
7 Coos Troy Merner Republican
2 Grafton Timothy Egan Democrat
3 Grafton Denny Ruprecht Democrat
6 Grafton Kevin Maes Democrat
8 Grafton Suzanne Smith Democrat
8 Grafton Joyce Weston Democrat
10 Grafton Roger Dontonville Democrat
11 Grafton Timothy Josephson Democrat
12 Grafton Russell Muirhead Democrat
13 Grafton George Sykes Democrat
13 Grafton Richard Abel Democrat
13 Grafton Laurel Stavis Democrat
13 Grafton Susany Almy Democrat
14 Grafton Elaine French Democrat
15 Grafton Ed Rajsteter Democrat
16 Grafton Francesca Diggs Democrat
17 Grafton Joshua Adjutant Democrat
1 Hillsborough Marjorie Porter Democrat
2 Hillsborough Rachel Cisto Democrat
2 Hillsborough Jen Paveglio Democrat
4 Hillsborough Jennifer Bernet Democrat
4 Hillsborough Kermit Williams Democrat
5 Hillsborough Donna Mombourquette Democrat
5 Hillsborough David Woodbury Democrat
6 Hillsborough Jonathan West Democrat
6 Hillsborough Judi Lanza Democrat
7 Hillsborough Daniel Dong Democrat
8 Hillsborough Jeff Goley Democrat
8 Hillsborough Diane Langley Democrat
9 Hillsborough Iz Piedra Democrat
9 Hillsborough Linda Harriott-Gathright Di Silvestro Democrat
10 Hillsborough Patrick Long Democrat
10 Hillsborough Ron Shaw Democrat
11 Hillsborough Donald Bouchard Democrat
11 Hillsborough Nicole Klein Knight Democrat
12 Hillsborough Andrew Bouldin Democrat
12 Hillsborough Amanda Bouldin Democrat
14 Hillsborough Mary Heath Democrat
14 Hillsborough Brian Cole Democrat
15 Hillsborough Erika Connors Democrat
15 Hillsborough Thomas Katsiantonis Democrat
16 Hillsborough Joshua Query Democrat
17 Hillsborough Heidi Hamer Democrat
17 Hillsborough Timothy Smith Democrat
18 Hillsborough Patricia Cornell Democrat
19 Hillsborough Kendall Snow Democrat
19 Hillsborough William Zackeroff Democrat
20 Hillsborough Nikki Fordey Democrat
21 Hillsborough Wendy Thomas Democrat
21 Hillsborough Kathryn Stack Democrat
21 Hillsborough Bryce Stack Democrat
21 Hillsborough Cindy Parente Democrat
23 Hillsborough Peter Petrigno Democrat
23 Hillsborough Alexander Lloyd Democrat
23 Hillsborough Maria Perez Democrat
24 Hillsborough Peter Leishman Democrat
25 Hillsborough Laura Lynch Democrat
26 Hillsborough Christopher Wheeler Democrat
27 Hillsborough Kat McGhee Democrat
28 Hillsborough William Bordy Democrat
28 Hillsborough Jan Schmidt Democrat
28 Hillsborough Bruce Cohen Democrat
30 Hillsborough Sherry Dutzy Democrat
30 Hillsborough Suzanne Vail Democrat
30 Hillsborough Patricia Klee Democrat
31 Hillsborough Manny Espitia Democrat
31 Hillsborough David Cote Democrat
32 Hillsborough Dan Toomey Democrat
32 Hillsborough Allison Nutting-Wong Democrat
32 Hillsborough Michael Pederson Democrat
33 Hillsborough Frances Nutter-Upham Democrat
33 Hillsborough Efstathia Booras Democrat
34 Hillsborough Catherine Sofikitis Democrat
34 Hillsborough Deb Stevens Democrat
34 Hillsborough Melbourne Moran Jr Democrat
35 Hillsborough Laura Telerski Democrat
35 Hillsborough Latha Mangipudi Democrat
35 Hillsborough Skip Cleaver Democrat
36 Hillsborough Michael O’Brien Sr Democrat
36 Hillsborough Linda Harriott-Gathright Democrat
37 Hillsborough Steven Katsos Democrat
37 Hillsborough Robert Sherman Democrat
37 Hillsborough David Hennessey Democrat
37 Hillsborough Barbara Blue Democrat
38 Hillsborough Jim Bosman Democrat
39 Hillsborough Gary Evans Democrat
42 Hillsborough Matt Wilhelm Democrat
43 Hillsborough Amy Bradley Democrat
44 Hillsborough Candace Moulton Democrat
45 Hillsborough Constance Van Houten Democrat
45 Hillsborough Jane Beaulieu Democrat
1 Merrimack Ken Wells Democrat
3 Merrimack Joyce May Fulweiler Democrat
4 Merrimack Tom Schamberg Democrat
6 Merrimack Roderick Pimentel Democrat
6 Merrimack Tony Caplan Democrat
9 Merrimack Lois Friedrich Democrat
9 Merrimack Leslie Bergevin Democrat
10 Merrimack Mel Myler Democrat
10 Merrimack David Luneau Democrat
10 Merrimack Mary Jane Wallner Democrat
11 Merrimack Steve Shurtleff Democrat
12 Merrimack Connie Boyles Boyles Lane Democrat
14 Merrimack Jim MacKay Democrat
15 Merrimack Eric Gallager Democrat
16 Merrimack Timothy Soucy Democrat
17 Merrimack Safiya Wazir Democrat
17 Merrimack Dennis Soucy Democrat
18 Merrimack Kris Schultz Democrat
19 Merrimack Christy Dolat Bartlett Democrat
20 Merrimack David Doherty Democrat
20 Merrimack Diane Schuett Democrat
21 Merrimack Hugh Curley Democrat
23 Merrimack Mary Beth Walz Democrat
23 Merrimack Gary Woods Democrat
24 Merrimack Kathleen Martins Democrat
24 Merrimack Harry Kozlowski Democrat
26 Merrimack Lorrie Carey Democrat
27 Merrimack Art Ellison Democrat
27 Merrimack Rebecca McWilliams Democrat
28 Merrimack Katherine Rogers Democrat
29 Merrimack Miriam Cahill-Yeaton Democrat
3 Rockingham Michael DiTommaso Democrat
4 Rockingham The Rev Jane Van Zandt Democrat
4 Rockingham Russell Norman Democrat
4 Rockingham Matthew Krohn Democrat
5 Rockingham Anne Warner Democrat
5 Rockingham Luisa Piette Democrat
5 Rockingham Ted Combes Democrat
5 Rockingham Robin Skudlarek Democrat
6 Rockingham Michelle Sawyer Moge Democrat
7 Rockingham Valerie Roman Democrat
8 Rockingham Cam Iannalfo Democrat
8 Rockingham Maureen Thibault Democrat
8 Rockingham Sara Dillingham Democrat
8 Rockingham Greg Davis Democrat
8 Rockingham Donna Loranger Democrat
9 Rockingham Gregory Tillman Democrat
9 Rockingham Mark Vallone Democrat
10 Rockingham Ellen Douglas Democrat
11 Rockingham Liz McConnell Democrat
13 Rockingham Trish Tidd, OD Democrat
14 Rockingham George Wesley Hamblen Democrat
17 Rockingham Charlotte DiLorenzo Democrat
18 Rockingham Lisa Bunker Democrat
18 Rockingham Mark Paige Democrat
19 Rockingham Debra Altschiller Democrat
21 Rockingham Robert Renny Cushing Democrat
21 Rockingham Mike Edgar Democrat
22 Rockingham Jim Maggiore Democrat
23 Rockingham Dennis Malloy Democrat
24 Rockingham Kate Murray Democrat
25 Rockingham Laura Pantelaskos Democrat
26 Rockingham Rebecca Susan McBeath Democrat
27 Rockingham Peter Somssich Democrat
28 Rockingham Gerald Ward Democrat
29 Rockingham David Meuse Democrat
30 Rockingham Jacqueline Cali-Pitts Democrat
31 Rockingham Joan Livingston Hamblet Democrat
32 Rockingham Hal Rafter Democrat
36 Rockingham Alexis Simpson Democrat
2 Stratfford Emmanuel Krasner Democrat
3 Stratfford Heath Howard Democrat
4 Stratfford Matthew Towne Democrat
4 Stratfford Cassandra Levesque Democrat
6 Stratfford Timothy Horrigan Democrat
6 Stratfford Marjorie Smith Democrat
7 Stratfford Timothy Fontneau Democrat
11 Stratfford Chuck Grassie Democrat
13 Stratfford Casey Conley Democrat
15 Stratfford Ariel Oxaal Democrat
16 Stratfford Sherry Frost Democrat
17 Stratfford Peter Bixby Democrat
18 Stratfford Wendy Chase Democrat
18 Stratfford Gerri Cannon Democrat
18 Stratfford Cecilia Rich Democrat
19 Stratfford Peter Schmidt Democrat
20 Stratfford Thomas Southworth Democrat
21 Stratfford Catheryn Sandler Democrat
22 Stratfford Peg Higgins Democrat
23 Stratfford Sandra Keans Democrat
24 Stratfford Jeremiah John Minihan Democrat
1 Sullivan Brian Sullivan Democrat
1 Sullivan Lee Oxenham Democrat
5 Sullivan Liza Draper Democrat
7 Sullivan Claudia Istel Democrat
9 Sullivan Linda Tanner Democrat
10 Sullivan John Cloutier Democrat

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