Nautical Decor – Perfect For Any Seaman

If the ocean inspires you, you should probably think about surrounding yourself in a room completely themed in nautical decor. This is not to be confused with pirates and underwater motifs. The term nautical has more to do with maritime. Think about sailboats, life preservers and buoys. Creating a theme that is unique and geared towards sailing the seas can be as rewarding as it is challenging. A good place to start is with finding some visual inspiration. A favorite painting or even a magazine article can be something that you can draw ideas from. After you have developed some basic ideas, you should think about what type of furniture you want to use.

When decorating in nautical decor, furniture will be a major element of the theme. You don’t have to paint an anchor on your coffee table, but using classic solid pieces will really help your design to stand out. Good quality wood furnishings can help you to achieve the nautical spirit. You can choose wood furnishings with a lot of pine knots as an ode to the deck of a boat. Or, you could get some nice dark maple with brass hardware. You can get unfinished wood furniture and choose to stain it yourself, or paint it a fresh white color. Think back to your visual inspiration and try to replicate the colors you see.

Getting a key pieces is really important for finding other accessories that will fall into your theme. If you choose captains hat as your key piece, develop your color palette from it. A nice mix of navy blue and yellow or gold will help to tie the room together nicely. Pick out some nice throw pillows or maybe a braided area rug in the designated colors. Try not to stray too far from the color palette, but one or two pieces in bold contrasting colors can help to create a creative space.

For an authentically themed nautical decor room, finding the best antiques, hardware, lighting and wall art will complete the idea. If you have gone for a clean, modern look, try finding subtle things like lamps and world globes. If you like the older, antique look, then choose decorative lanterns, old wooden chests and aged books. Finding items to decorate the wall with will also help to make the space cozy. The walls don’t have to be completely plastered in nautical themed art, but a good selection of things are needed to draw the eye. Don’t just think of painting, you can use nautical flags are a border around the top of the room or a framed life jacket as wall art.

Successfully creating a nautical decor themed room will depend being able to visual a completed space. Themed pieces will be easy to buy, but maintaining a consistent feel will be difficult if you don’t know where you are going. Pick a key item to develop a color palette and the rest of the room around. Getting the right wall art will really make the room pop and help to tie the whole room together. As long as you keep your visual inspiration in the front of the mind, the decoration process will go smoothly.