Mystical Moment in the Bathroom

Each day I proclaim my mission in life to myself. Sometimes I do this while walking. Other times I’m in in deep meditation, and today I was sitting on the toilet and had an “aha” moment while declaring my mission. I quite unexpectedly realized that I had it wrong. I have been saying for many years: “The peace of God is my one goal, the aim of all my living here, the end I seek, my purpose and my function and my life.” While this is a very noble life purpose, I often feel as though I am falling short. While sitting in my bathroom, I suddenly became aware of an energy of love filling my heart and a small voice, perhaps the voice of God, saying: “As long as you seek peace it will always elude you. Just be love and know that love is acceptance and love is enough.”

I expanded my mind to fully get the true meaning of this mystical message received in a mundane place. I pondered the idea that perhaps if I were to change my aim in life to “just be love” and not worry so much about being at peace, then I would be less caught up in my inner world and more available to the outer world. I reflected ever so gently on the feelings of failure I endure as I watch myself become ill at ease when something happens that I don’t want or like. Feeling frustrated, I then end up with a sense of disappointment in myself for losing my inner contentment and not completing my life’s mission of feeling the peace of God. I also become less effective in helping any one else along life’s journey because my self- esteem plummets and I withdraw.

On the other hand, if I focus on being love, then I embody an inherent sense of value and worth. I remember that I am enough and love is at my core. With this truth, I am able to live my highest aspirations. The key to being love, is to simply love whatever life brings, without having to judge what it is. My goal in the past has been to peaceful and unaffected by the circumstances happening around me. Now, I see that I may experience a myriad of other emotions like fear, frustration, and anger and not have to feel like a failure in life. These emotions are superficial and do not change the inherent nature of myself. In fact, the contrast of moving from fear to love motivates me to go deeper inside to the place where I remember and know that I am love. Love reminds me that I am acceptable exactly as I am and so is life.

So my new mission statement is “The love of God is my one goal, the aim of all my living here, the end I seek, my purpose and my function and my life.” And for today, remembering that love is at the very core of my heart instead of striving to be peaceful, helps me to accept even the seemingly unlovable parts of myself and life. I am better able to be a loving participant in life. By returning to my true nature of love, I feel delighted to be more successful at fulfilling my new life’s mission.