Is It Necessary To Have Fish Tank Decor?

Is it really that necessary to have any decor in your aquarium? Think about it, will the fish really feel at home swimming among the rotting hull of a sunken ship or will they ever feel excited about having aliens as their tank mates? The fact is they would definitely not know what that lump of resin you threw into the aquarium is meant to represent. So why is there a need to spend all that money and time designing the perfect aquarium theme? It is because there really is some major benefits to having tank ornaments, not just for you but for your fish as well.

Aquarium Decor Benefits For You

The aquarium is probably the one decorative item in your home that gets looked at, peered in and scrutinized the most. No one can resist peeping into an aquarium, watching the gorgeous fish swim in a tank. So it only makes sense that the most focused on decor in your home should be one that you spend the most time designing.

Secondly, having an aquarium that you have put your heart and soul into designing and creating a theme that mirrors that stuff you love in your world will maintain the interest that you have in it. Just a plain tank full of fish will eventually get boring and you might lose interest in up keeping it. But if the tank is made out to look like a hidden pirate cove or some other concept that you find fascinating, you will never get tired of working on it.

Fish Tank Decor Benefits To Your Fish

Well, your fish would never know the concept behind your theme, but they will definitely appreciate the benefits your tank ornaments provide.

The first key benefit of tank decor to the fish is of course the cave. The cave is a vital factor in every tank design. Basically what it does is provide the fish with a place to escape to when they feel stressed. Fish get stressed due to numerous reasons throughout the day. This includes too much human attention as well as harassment from other more territorial fish. Fish that are stressed have a lower immunity and are prone to diseases.

The second key benefit to the fish is that the ornaments actually creates mini boundaries and sections within the aquarium confines. Quite a number of the gorgeous fish that we choose to keep in our aquariums are territorial. These include such famous breeds as Betta and Cichlids. Without proper boundaries, these fish tend to claim the entire tank as theirs and fights are frequent. But by placing tall tank decor such as Greek Columns in there with them, you would have sectioned off the tank into smaller areas that can be claimed by each fish.

Then of course there are the aerators. Instead of a plain air stone, you can now have fancy tank ornaments spouting out air bubbles that help aerate the water.

Fish tank decor are important to the fish as they are pleasing to the eyes. Having properly planned tank decor will make your tank not only look good but create a healthy environment for your fish.