Important points When Planning a Wine Cellar for Your Home

As any oenophile knows, caring for your precious collection properly is vital. Doing so keeps your wines at their peak for years to come, enabling your enthusiastic enjoyment and protecting your investment. Whether to install a wine cellar room or buy a white wine fridge depends on your needs. It comes down to choosing between going big or being cleverly compact. Decide on size first, then spend some time researching to find the best possible options to support your selection.

Big or small Wine Collections

For those with ample room and large collections, it is natural to consider building a cellar. There are definite advantages to a well-equipped cellar, including an appropriate storage area to age your wines safely. Well, aged wines are not just for drinking; they are investment pieces in their own right. Many people have certain bottles in reserve purely for commercial purposes. It’s not just vintage wines fetching top prices. Some surprisingly young wines have been setting auction houses abuzz with record prices. Cellars are perceived as luxuries and, as such, will also positively impact future home sale prices. There are many options for perfect wine storage for wine-lovers with smaller homes and modest collections. Dedicated wine fridges are a reasonably priced and efficient way to store your wine and cater for long- or short-term storage. Big or small, there are options for all. Both alternatives have benefits and caveats.

Wine Cellars

Wine cellars incorporate convenience with excellent storage capacity. Your wine collection will benefit as cellar owners will likely want to learn more about their hobby. A wine cellar will have the conditions for cosseting your collection, considering temperature and humidity. Entertaining friends becomes even more gratifying when you pick a bottle from the cellar.

Wine Fridges

Wine-dedicated technology has progressed rapidly, and wine fridges are a prime example. They are offered in many sizes and can fit anywhere. With options like dual-zone temperatures, UV resistant doors, and vibration damping shelving, it’s no surprise that wine fridges are popular. Add in that dimension, and you know there is one for every home. Every wine lover is catered for free-standing or built-in blending with an existing small space.



If the thought of a cellar has you calling your builder, check on the regulations for your area and thoroughly check every quote. For those considering their first wine fridge, it is recommended to research online and check all specs and reviews to get the best option. For those wine-lovers who are undecided, possibly a wine rack is a good starting point. After all, it is still wine storage, and you can indulge in a glass or two while you give this severe matter some more thought. There is always the option of simply investing in wine and drinking what you have. CinCin!