I’m an interior designer, here are 10 common mistakes that make your home look cluttered and dated

GETTING the right balance between classic chic and current trends is something that a lot of us struggle with when it comes to home decor.

No one wants to have a dull home with all neutral and plain interiors but your house can quickly look out of date if you jump on every TikTok trend.


Despite being very much in fashion, the expert said dried flowers could make your house look old-fashioned
The pro also suggested that a gallery wall can 'bring down' your space


The pro also suggested that a gallery wall can ‘bring down’ your spaceCredit: Getty

There are some styles, which are currently very popular, that the experts claim make your home look cluttered and dated.

Speaking to Insider, celebrity interior designer Cathy Hobbs shared the styles that she would never have in her own home.

The pro, who is the owner home-staging company Cathy Hobbs Design Recipes advised against dried artificial flowers.

Cathy explained that plants – whether real of fake – can add life to a space but dried flowers have an old-fashioned feel that could affect a modern decor scheme.

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Next up she warned to be careful about your artwork.

Both framed posters and a gallery wall of smaller pictures can “bring down” your space.

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She suggested, for those who can’t afford original artwork, that a low-cost wall hanging or a framed photo would be a better choice.

She also explained that lots of small knick knacks and accessories, rather than elevating the space, often just look like clutter.

Cathy suggested a few larger decor pieces, explaining that they would “ground your space without being a visual distraction”.

Next on the list of no-nos is a busy bookshelf. She said that, despite being used for storage, it’s best not to overfill them.

The expert even suggested leaving a few shelves empty for a chic, minimal look.

Cathy also isn’t a fan of wall to wall carpets and suggested hardwood flooring as an alternative

She said: “The reality is that for many, wall-to-wall carpeting sends a visual signal of ‘outdated’.”

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The professional then took aim at brightly coloured furniture, explaining that neutral is often the better option.

She said: “Instead of selecting furniture that may feel trendy, opt for those that will stand the test of time. Grey and cream are great foundational colours when selecting primary pieces such as sofas.”

The expert advised against crammed bookshelves and suggested leaving a shelf clear


The expert advised against crammed bookshelves and suggested leaving a shelf clearCredit: Alamy