How to Clean a Bathroom Without Missing a Spot

How to Clean Your Bathroom in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1- Clear surfaces

Before you do any spraying or scrubbing, clear out all the things laying on these surfaces- toothbrush, lotion and shampoo bottles, cotton ball container, etc. The point is to be able to spray and wipe without worrying about your bathroom cleaner getting onto everything else. You should also move any dirty towels or laundry out of the bathroom, as well as trash cans. Once you’ve cleared everything away, you can start spraying your surfaces with a gentle cleanser.

Step 2- Spray and wipe

Using gloves, wipe down your sink and counter, making sure you get behind and under the faucet. When you’re spraying and wiping, you want to make sure you’re spraying onto the surface, not the cloth, because you want to let the ingredients of the bathroom cleaner work their magic before wiping it away. Make sure to spray shelves, mirrors, counter tops, and any bars that usually hold up your towels and toilet paper.

Step 3- Scrub it down

Apply a soap scum remover in your shower to make sure you’re getting rid of any build up. You can also get a tile and grout cleaning product to make sure your tiles stay looking like new. As for your toilet, you want to make sure you get any buildup and stains that accumulate in the bowl and under the seat. Keep a toilet scrubber next to it to keep your toilet bowl fresh between cleanings. Sweep and mop your floors with a floor cleaner and use a clean, dry cloth to wipe down any other surfaces that haven’t dried yet.

Step 4 – Organize

Now that you’re done cleaning, it’s time to put everything back in its place. This is the time to declutter and get rid of anything you’re not using in your bathroom. Take out the trash and replace your towels before patting yourself on the back.

Keep Your Bathroom Cleaner as Time Passes

It’s easy to take any cleaning product and use it as a bathroom cleaner, but you might be missing out on some heavy duty ingredients that do more than the usual cleaning product. For example, you can find a bathroom cleaner that also helps remove soap scum or a bathroom cleaner that effectively reduces the look of grout and leaves your tiles sparkling. Whatever you decide to use, you can keep your bathroom cleaner over time just by doing some quick cleaning every so often. If you see the sink has a spot, don’t wait until cleaning day. Have a rag nearby for quick spot cleaning to make cleaning day more bearable.

Find the Best Bathroom Cleaning Products

When you think about bathroom cleaning products, you might be wondering if there’s a solution for you that might work better than others. Overall, what you can try to focus on are the ingredients the bathroom cleaning products itself are made with and how effective they’re known to be. Read reviews and explore trusted brands to find the bathroom cleaning products that work for you.

Get a Soap Scum Remover that Works

People can spend a lot of time researching the best way to remove soap scum in their bathroom, but the only way to really do that is with a soap scum remover that uses powerful ingredients and doesn’t leave streaks. Want something even better? Find a soap scum remover that doesn’t require much (or any) scrubbing. There are a few soap scum removers that meet all of these criteria while providing the results you need.

Safe and Easy Tile Grout Cleaner

The problem with an everyday tile grout cleaner is its harsh chemicals. If you’re adamant about showroom-ready tile in your bathroom, you might be using the same harmful products regularly and possibly creating more harm to yourself. Some tile grout cleaners might not produce the results you want even after multiple applications. Why use bleach when you can just as easily find environmentally-friendly products that work even better?

With these easy steps and a good set of bathroom cleaning products, you’ll be ready for any bathroom mess.