How to attract pollinators to your Arizona garden

Springtime in the desert is special.

For a few brief weeks, the taupe-shaded landscape transforms into a riot of color. The palo verdes don crowns of gold, and cactuses burst with large pink, yellow, purple and white flowers. Daisies nod their heads, beckoning visitors to adore them. Ocotillo open their coral-red buds while wearing coats of green leaves between their thorns.

It’s a flurry of activity before the scorching temperatures force every living thing to just endure.

Buzzing, fluttering and twittering among the plants are Arizona’s pollinators. And as they brush up against each flower, a bit of pollen is distributed from one plant to the next, allowing the plants to propagate the next generation.

In this week’s Valley 101, an Arizona Republic and podcast, we find out what you should plant in your garden to attract local pollinators.

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