Herd of cows trespass into Chorley back garden twice in one week

Martin claims shrubs and garden decorations were ruined by the livestock

Complaints of a withered and broken down fence behind his garden came too late for Martin, of Westminster Place, when he woke up to a herd of cows trampling over his planted shrubs on September 13.

He claims that since the nearby Manor House Farm was taken over, livestock have been living in the field directly behind his Eccleston home – a field that he claims is surrounded by ‘inadequate’ fences.

He said: “The fence was rotten and wouldn’t keep cows in the field because it was in such a bad state of repair. On the Sunday morning, I woke up and pulled my curtains back to find cows all over my garden.

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A herd of 15 cows made their way into Martin’s garden last week

“There must have been at least 15 cows that had stepped straight over the fence and were making their way down Westminster Place, down my driveway and into my garden.”

After informing the land owner of the issue, he claims was reassured that the cows would be relocated and the fence quickly repaired to prevent it happening again.

It was on September 22, just nine short days after the first incident, when the cows returned causing further damage to Martin’s garden.

“The fence wasn’t touched and shortly after they ended up in a field at the back of my house again. They have totally trashed my garden and I want some kind of recompense to get my garden back together,” he said.

The cows trespassed into the Chorley back garden twice in nine days

“I have lived here all my life and have had no apology for the damage caused to my garden. For these cows to escape twice in such a short space of time is not acceptable.”

The Post contacted the land owner for a comment.

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