Got A Small Bathroom? Renovation Ideas For Bathrooms With Limited Space

Many people cite the bathroom as their favourite place in a house. Typically, this room is associated with hygiene, but many users also consider the bathroom as a place for relaxation and rest. A large and very spacious bathroom is indeed very conducive to relaxation, but in most homes, bathroom space is limited to make way for other rooms that are considered more important, such as the kitchen or bedroom. However, problems with limited space can be addressed easily through smart renovation techniques. Listed below are some bathroom renovation ideas to help homeowners get the most out of their limited bathroom space:

Choose fixtures wisely. It goes without saying that large fixtures will overwhelm a small bathroom, so make sure to choose fittings that are on the small side. Also consider special features that further reduce space consumption. For instance, opt for a sliding shower door rather than one that is hinged, or a pedestal sink or petite vanity instead of full-sized cabinetry. Carefully plan changes with your bathroom renovator to ensure that sinks, tubs, and toilets are in proportion with the room’s dimensions.

Use smart storage options. Maximise the functionality of your storage space by designing cabinets that can not only fit in all or most of your bathroom needs, but also serve secondary functions. For instance, cabinet doors with mirrors not only help create the illusion of bigger space, they also serve as an aid for various bathroom tasks, such as shaving or putting on makeup. Be creative with your use of space and utilise areas that are not normally used for storage, such as the space above the toilet or the bathroom door.

Let the light in. Well-lit spaces tend to look spacious so make sure that there is ample lighting not just from light bulbs, but also from natural light. Installing windows and skylights during bathroom renovations not only lets more light in, these also give you a view of the outdoors, further contributing to the illusion of space.

Choose tiles in light colours. As mentioned earlier, well-lit spaces look larger, so it follows that the bathroom should be in light colours as well. Light or neutral coloured tiles can help you maximise ambient light while darker colours tend to absorb more light, making the room look cramped.

Expose more of the floor. The more you see of the floor, the wider your bathroom space will appear. A good way to expose more of your bathroom floor is to use floating vanities and cabinetry and opt for wall-mounted basins and other bathroom accessories. For showers, use glass dividers that have no frame to create the illusion of continuous floor space. With regard to tubs, freestanding versions with feet are better than those with bases that cover a lot of space.