Garlic, honeybees, flowers and horseradish this week in the garden.

It’s the first week of June and lots of things are happening in the garden. I will share with you a few of those things.

Our horseradish started from a small piece of root that was churned up when another garden was rototilled the year before last. It’s now over 3 feet; we’ll dig the roots in the fall.

It’s a good idea to check your honeybee hives now to make sure fast growing weeds aren’t growing up in front of the hive entrance. Weeds will hinder the movement of flying bees so much that they will significantly lower honey production. 

In just one week, weeds were beginning to obstruct the entrance to the hive. I pulled them to give returning bees a clear landing.

The chamomile is blooming so it’s time to harvest the flowers for chamomile tea. If you like chamomile tea and have never tasted homegrown, you’re in for a real treat. Most chamomile tea in stores is grown in other countries, particularly Turkey.

After harvesting we will dehydrate chamomile flowers for tea.

Siberian iris blossoms around Memorial Day in our area. Their bold flowers set off the color of blue spruce needles.

Siberian iris blooms around Memorial Day in our area.

We are making sure our garlic bed receives around an inch of water per week through the spring and early summer by combination of rainfall and irrigation. That’s where a rain gauge comes in handy.  We’ll stop watering the garlic plants around the middle of June to help stimulate bulb maturation. 

To produce the fullest bulbs, garlic requires steady moisture during its growth phase.

This is one of the busiest times of year. There’s lots to do but also lots of results to look forward to.