Do It Yourself Kitchen Tile Backsplash

A do it yourself kitchen tile backsplash is an easy project that will add a lot of bang for your buck.

With a couple handy tips, your project will be a success.

· Cover your counter top with cardboard or rosin paper this will keep you from scratching the counter top while installing the backsplash; this will also keep the grout from getting on your tops.

· Layout your tile so you know where to start, this can be done by laying the tile on the counter top with spacers between each one. By adjusting the starting point of the first tile, this way you can avoid any small slivers of tiles at the ends.

· Turn the power off to the outlets and take the outlet and switch covers off.

· Apply your adhesive with a notched trowel; I use a notched plastic putty knife to spread the adhesive. Only spread about two feet at a time so it doesn’t dry out.

· Start with the first tile and place a spacer underneath it, this area should be caulked because grout will crack at this point.

· Continue setting tiles in the adhesive until you reach the cabinets or need to cut them to fit under the cabinets or around the electrical outlets.

· Rent a wet saw to cut the tile, or if you just need a couple tiles cut, some stores offer to cut the tiles for you.

· Make sure you cut the tiles close enough to the outlet holes so the covers will hide the tile edges.

· Clean any adhesive off the tiles before it dries and use a screwdriver to work any adhesive out between the tiles that will block your grout.

· Let the tile set over night or check your manufacturer’s instructions.

· Grout the tile.

· You may need to get longer screws to put your covers back into place.

A DIY kitchen tile backsplash is a great way to spruce up your kitchen without spending a lot of money.