Disadvantages Of A Patio Garden

Those who are confined to city living do not always have access to a yard wherein they can plant a garden. Therefore, a patio garden becomes their next best option in order to be able to enjoy freshly picked vegetables and herbs during the summer months. However, as good as a patio garden may be, there are some disadvantages of having one.

Limited Amount Of Space

One of the biggest problems with having a patio garden is the fact that there really is not too much room in most cases. The patio is designed for a small patio table and chairs and a barbecue, and not much else. Therefore, space is generally limited, especially when growing larger vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and zucchini. As a result, a patio garden might not always be suitable for growing the bigger vegetables.

Requires Numerous Pots

Another disadvantage of having a patio garden is that you need a number of pots. First you need small containers in which to start the seeds, and then a lot of plants need to be transplanted into a larger pot. It might not seem like a lot of pots at first, but then, when the summer is over, you now have to find a place to store them. This can be difficult, especially if you live in a small apartment where space is limited.

Needs Frequent Watering

Plants that are grown within a pot also require frequent watering. This is because the root systems are contained within a pot, and do not have access to a constant supply of water. Therefore they need to be watered more frequently than anything that is allowed to grow freely in the garden, especially on hot summer days.

Not Enough Sun

Depending on which side of the house the patio is located, the plants might not get enough sunlight to prosper and yield a good crop. A south-facing patio is best, as it will receive the maximum amount of sunlight, but other patios might not be able to provide enough natural light. Another thing to consider is that the plants are located closer to the building, which also takes away from the sunlight.

Despite the disadvantage of a patio garden, there are also benefits that can make the time and efforts pay off quite well. Those include fresh produce that does not contain any pesticides. Also, you will have access to the produce when you need it.