Decor Ideas for Your Grand Wedding

To leave guests impressed in any marriage ceremony the venue has to be decorated to perfection. For a wedding to look grand, decor elements have to be given due consideration and importance.

Imagine walking straight inside the era of Kings and Queens. A time when there were grand palaces and everything around was simply grandiose. The feeling of ridding on an elephant and moving around in a horse drawn chariot is beyond words. It is this era that wedding decorators can create effortlessly.

Wedding is a booming industry that offers ample employment opportunity to wedding decorators in major metro cities. This industry is as glamorous as any film industry and as grand as a film set is.

On a technical note

Wedding decorations are particularly a gala affair. The power capital of the countries host most of the high profile weddings. From well-known politicians, artists to actors etc. prefer to hold the wedding ceremonies in big cities that have interesting venues.

For a wedding, a huge set is build where major functions are hosted. Specialised technicians are hired to design and implement the plans with highest excellence. Each element in the design is crafted with care and only then used to decorate the location.

Marriage decorators are trained to fix temporary venues for the event. Safety features are kept intact along with alternative setting in case of an emergency of unexpected rains.

Let’s have a look at the perfect décor ideas for wedding

Go wise with floral decoration

There are so many flower options that one can select from – lily, rose, sunflower, roses to tulips – pick the one that goes well with the core design concept. Stick to two varieties and ask the designers to play with them while dong the decorations.

Give chandeliers a chance

These huge ornate chandeliers can add a sparkling touch to the venue. Ask for the huge ones for the main venue and miniature version for the other areas of the destination. This makes the location look really impressive.

Furniture that looks good and offers comfort

Don’t get carried away with the design and look of the furniture. Select those fixtures that not only look good but are comfortable to sit and enjoy all the functions. These days the options are far too many – vintage, modern to contemporary – the list is long with each style having its own merits and demerits.

Make proper lighting arrangements

The venue has to be well lit or dim lit as per the theme selected by the client. Insist on having lights spread across the area to ensure that it complements the design.

Accessories to blend with the ambience

A perfect venue will look eye candy when each and every element is perfectly co-ordinated. The rugs, carpets, towels, decorating items and chairs should match with the theme. These have to be matching or contrast and should look synchronized. A minor mistake can make the entire design look flat and dull.