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The House at the Epicenter

The Setting

As I entered the yard with a high white fence and a big front yard, I noticed a bundle of small Hindu religious flags at the corner of the two story family house on 87th Road nestled between Parsons Boulevard and 150th Street with its back to Hillside Avenue. I was in the heart of New York’s second largest Indo-Guyanese community located in Jamaica, Queens. (The largest Indo-Guyanese community is located in Richmond Hill, Queens).

Southern Queens is one of the epicenters of the housing bubble crisis which led to the Great Recession that shattered or setback the American dream for many in the Caribbean community. I came to this house during the tax season to survey how the different socioeconomic classes (working class and middle class) were affected by the Housing Bubble Aftermath and the American public policy that tarnished the American dream for this community.

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The Indestructible House

One hundred ten years ago in 1909, a large house was constructed in St Petersburg, Florida. But it was not a typical home that needed repairing. From the time it was built, the house never had repairs and nothing had to be replaced. The locals called it a “miraculous” home because nothing ever had to be repaired. Over the past one hundred years, there was a rumor that it was indestructible and nothing could harm it.

Little is known about fifteen workers who built the house.

The only common knowledge is that they built the house in very little time. But some townspeople reported strange spooky chanting during the nights it was being built. After it was built, the workers were never heard from or seen again. Many believe the fifteen men somehow cursed the house. Was it the strange “rituals” and chanting that made the home indestructible?

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