Butterfly Bush Care – How to Start a Butterfly Garden

When starting a butterfly garden keep in mind certain plants attract butterflies into your garden. The butterfly bush is one such plant. ” Budleia” is the Latin term for the butterfly. Therefore if you see this name on the plant tag or in the description, you can be relatively sure it will attract butterflies to your garden.

Butterflies feed on nectar in order to survive. The butterfly bush is loaded with nectar; therefore the bush attracts the fragile insects as well as bees and hummingbirds. The bush grows large clusters of blossoms that are supported by thin, fragile looking branches. These blossoms are known to grow two feet in length.

After a rain or watering the flower heavy branches droop to the ground. When planting the bush allow enough space between plants so that they fall over without touches each other. Over one hundred unique species of the butterfly bush have been identified, but the butterfly adores not all of them.

Most species of the bush are sweetly fragrant to humans and butterflies. The midday sun is when the nectar is at its sweetest. An attractive characteristic of the bush is its beautiful colored flowers that come in shades of blue, red, purple, pink and white. Late spring is when you see its first blooms and they remain on the plant until the first seasons frost.

Seven feet is an average height for the bush, however some grow twelve feet tall. The butterfly bush is a fast growing plant and will fill in bare spots with beautiful blooms rapidly. Butterfly bushes generally grow well in most soil types, as long as it is well drained. The bush is quite hardy once established and can survive mild droughts. Soggy soils can cause the roots to develop disease or die.

The butterfly bush is classified as a semi-evergreen in zones with mild winters. In the northern states, you may prune it to ground level, and the bush will re-grow from the roots.

In warmer climates found in the southern states, trimming back is not required because they’ll grow to their maximum size and stay there year-round. Flower cluster may be pinched-off to encourage extended blooming. Plant the butterfly bush in a full or partly sunny location, them sit back and enjoy the pleasures the bush brings.