Bratt Decor Venetian Crib – Why Iron Cribs Are Popular

As if to prove that some styles are true classics, iron cribs for babies have recently become quite popular again. And understandably so. These cribs are beautiful, sturdy and will outlast the growing years quite easily. One handsome example is the Bratt Decor Venetian Crib. A quick tour through parenting forums will reveal that mothers in particular love this crib.

So what’s the big deal? Why are iron cribs so popular?

– Quality.

We have raised four kids in our family and I can tell you that a baby crib takes a lot of abuse from the time you first nestle your newborn onto those dreamy sheets until a rambunctious preschooler graduates to a larger bed. Of course, every child is unique and so is every family’s situation, which means some children move to a larger bed sooner and some move later.

But the concept here remains solid. An iron crib will stand the test of time. It will probably be doing just fine when your children have children, which brings us to the next reason iron cribs are so popular.

– Can you say “heirloom?”

Cribs such as the Bratt Decor Venetian Iron Crib make wonderful heirlooms, meaning they will still be functional and look great when your child is grown and looking for a crib for his own child. Some families love the idea of passing along furniture with history; I know we enjoyed using the same crib for our first child that my husband used as a baby.

There is something special about such a practical gift between the generations. If this is important to you, an iron crib might be just what you’re looking for.

– Style.

While style never topped our list when looking at baby cribs, we certainly didn’t want to look at an ugly baby crib day in and day out, either! Style is always a matter of personal taste. Iron cribs can be dressed up or down for an elegant, Victorian look or a clean modern feel. From a design standpoint, that’s a style with a lot of value.

Bratt cribs come in several finishes, allowing new parents to customize their iron crib. In addition, a Bratt Decor Iron crib is a 3-in-1 crib, which means you get to choose from a classic crib, a crib with four posters, or a crib with four posters and a crossbar at the top (which you can leave plain or add decorative fabric). These are very nice options you can use to “create” a new crib from time to time without any additional cost, also adding to the value of this crib.

So why are iron cribs so popular? Quality, style and the very real option of passing along a bit of history to the next generation mean that a baby bed like the Bratt Decor Venetian crib will never go out of fashion.