Airbnb cracks down on party house listings, suspending at least 10 in Dallas

Airbnb is cracking down on the use of its platform to list homes intended to host large parties by suspending or removing more than 10 listings in Dallas this week that the company said violated its policies.

The company took action Tuesday removing more than 80 listings across the state of Texas that it said violated the company’s policy on parties and events. According to Airbnb the company suspended listings in Austin, Baytown, College Station, Corpus Christi, Cypress, Edgewood, El Paso, Fort Worth, Fredericksburg, Houston, Lubbock, Pearland, Richmond, San Antonio, Uvalde, Wimberly and Dallas.

Airbnb communicated its actions to the hosts over the past week, the company said in a release.

“The vast majority of hosts in Texas contribute positively to their neighborhoods and economy, and they also take important steps to prevent unauthorized parties – like establishing clear house rules, quiet hours, and communicating in advance with their guests,” Airbnb said in a statement.

“Our actions today address the small minority of hosts who have previously received warnings about hosting responsibly or have otherwise violated our policies.”

The company announced a global ban on party house listings in 2019 intended to remedy “the small number of guests who act irresponsibly and those rare hosts whose homes become persistent neighborhood nuisances.”

The policy prohibits using Airbnb’s platform for gatherings of 16 or more people, parties not authorized by the host, open invite parties, unsafe behavior in general and parties hosted at listings located in apartments or other multifamily housing complexes.

Airbnb has gotten serious in the last year about preventing rental listings that could create a headache for the neighborhoods where they’re located. Last year, it started manually screening listings flagged by its automated system to prevent “unauthorized parties” before they start.

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