54 Clever Items That Will Instantly Declutter & Organise Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re looking for kitchen cupboard organisers for the ultimate spring-clean, you’ve come to the right place.

This list of highly-reviewed products is for those who dream of opening their kitchen cabinets to find that the Home Edit team have breezed through and re-organised everything down to the saucepan lids.

It goes without saying that rise of from-scratch cooking (we’re looking at you, sourdough starters and banana bread bandits) this year has increased the number of tins, mixing bowls, and utensils lining already cluttered cupboards. So this is the perfect time to give your kitchen cabinets and pantry a little attention.

And we’re not just talking about the lauded spice rack. It’s everything from your pantry to under the sink, potato storage (yes, its a thing) and maximising valuable shelf space. There’s even a solution for that tricky ‘void’ either side of your fridge or washing machine. Every shelf, organiser, Lazy Susan and cookware storage solution has been reviewed by Amazon customers and given the tick of approval for quality, smarts and value.

Happy organising, fellow spring cleaner!

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This Expandable Spice Organizer With *Hundreds* Of Glowing Reviews

This expandable cabinet organiser tiers all your spices, little jars and sauces so you see exactly to reach for.

A Rolling Kitchen Trolly That Fits In Tight Places

Have a void between your fridge, washing machine or between cabinets? This slimline trolley is not only a bargain at £13, it’s going to store away all those tall bottles that don’t quite fit in cabinets.

Amazon’s #1 Best Seller In ‘Under Shelf Storage’ Category

If you have an awkward layout in your cabinet, these hanging shelves might be the solution. Mugs, tea towels or stackable Tupperwares would all fit in here.

A Storage Capacity Winning Spice Rack

Free up your spice jar drawer and hang this spice rack on your door! This one is really simple to install on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door – you just need a screwdriver.

Amazon Reviewer Love These Cereal Storage Containers

There’s nothing like quality storage containers to help clear up the packet-packed cereal shelf or grain store. They BPA-free, and come four scoop spoons, a chalkboard pen.

Amazon’s #1 Choice For Tin Storage

These non-slip storage tiers are perfect for cupboards or bench-tops – making it easy to see jars and bottles at first glance, and giving bench-dwelling items their own place.

For £6, these 10 tea towel clips are a bargain. Clip it to the corner of your towel and use the loop to hang from a cabinet handle, a small hook or inside a cabinet.

Cling Film Storage Thats Super Easy To Install

Free up drawer or shelf space by storing spray bottles, cling film, or tall bottles on a wall space.

“Brilliant” Is the Only Word To Review This Bakeware Organiser

Remember all that lockdown baking your did? It’s time to store the trays and moulds in this handy bakeware organiser. It’s also great for chopping boards.

Create All The Under Sink Storage Possibilities

Finally make that under-sink pace useful with this expandable set of shelves. It’s plank-system allows for pipes and U-bends.

Get mugs and teacups off limited shelf space with this handy holder. Great for awkwardly spaced shelves that leave lots of ‘air-space’ without use.

A Saucepan Solution With Glowing Amazon Reviews

Ever wondered how to better store your pans and lids? This rack will keep everything upright (no more lid/pot Jenga!)

A Bargain Saucepan Storage Solution

If you have limited cupboard space for pots and pans, you might consider displaying them in this free-standing pot rack in a corner of your kitchen.

“Nice sized drawer unit. Strong wiring. Easy to use.”

Does your kitchen desperately need drawer space over shelf space? This wire set fits in most cupboards and will help you organise utensils, stray bakeware or cleaning items.

The Slippery, Slim Packet Fix

You can never have too many of these plastic organisers in your kitchen. Fabulous for keeping slim packets of food upright, or categorising condiments.

A Non-Slip Lazy Susan Amazon Reviewers LOVE

The Home Edit has well and truly brought the Lazy Susan back into fame. This non-slip version is just over 25cm in diameter it’ll fit in most cupboards. It means you can spin-browse through bottles and jars with ease.

A Sturdy Carousel For Your Cabinet

Have a base corner cabinet that has become a black hole where dishes go to disappear? Invest in this DIY carousel. It comes in three different sizes and will make an unworkable space useful again.

A Five Star Set Of Wire Drawers

Quickly transform deep base shelving into accessible storage with these DIY gliding wire baskets. For £47 you get two baskets, with the fixings required to transform your space.

A Super Compact Condiment Organiser

This compact spice rack is 16cm wide and long, making it perfect for any tiny space. Keep bottles and small jars upright at the back of cupboards.

Expandable Undersink Storage (and cheap!)

This under sink storage rack has many shelf sections to allow for really tricky plumbing. It extends up to 81cm wide too for larger under sink areas.

The ‘Goes Anywhere’ Magnetic Sensor Light

Have an impossibly dark kitchen? These sensor lights will flood you cupboards with light. Attached with a magnetic strip, they can be easily removed and charged. With multiple settings, you’ll find the perfect solution to dark larders and corner cabinets.

If you’re in a rental property and can’t screw or nail anything to a cupboard or a wall, this hanging caddy is a great idea for cleaning products or cooking oils and condiments.

Wire Baskets That Are Chic & Practical

You can’t have enough wire baskets to help group things together in an organised kitchen. They’re also chic enough for open shelving!

If you’re tripping over your bin on your kitchen floor, or struggling with removing a pokey cupboard bin lid, upgrade your waste area with this pull out duo.

Love the Lazy Susan concept, but worried about spinning your jars and bottles off and away? This higher-lipped version is ideal for taller bottles and jars. (and will also work well in your fridge!)

No Room For A Fruit Bowl? Try This

Not quite ready to sort the shopping once you get home? These mesh bags keep fruit and veg, shopping and shopping bags organised, and are easily hung on any hook until you’re ready to put things away.

Long Life Sensor Lighting

This sensor light is super slim, perfect for under cupboard down-lighting. It’s rechargeable (no AAs!) and boasts a battery life of 1-2 months under motion sensor mode.

The One That Stacks Water Bottles

How does anyone store water bottles effectively? The answer is with these stackers.

The Air Tight Food Storers

This set of 5 containers are airtight, stackable and come with blackboard labels already attached for you to write out contents or dates. At £22 for a set of 5, they’re also great value!

Build-Your-Own Pot Stacker

This cookware organised is a 3-in-1. Pots, utensils and pans are all accommodated for – and you can adjust the heights of the shelves so even your biggest pasta pot will fit!

This super slim strip light is specifically designed for above-counter placement – which in a dark kitchen can really help keep things organised and bright.

The Can Stacker You Always Needed

If you’re buying beers or soda and struggling to keep them from rolling around in your cupboard or fridge, this stacker is the solution!

The Simple Cutlery Storer

Not everyone has a cutlery drawer of their dreams. The next best thing is a holder that won’t flip over while you’re loading it up.

The Pan Lid Holder Amazon Reviewer Agree On

These lid holders certainly do the trick of keeping pot lids organised. Stick them on the inside of cupboard doors and voila! You’re organised.

A Five-Star (& Super Cute) Cutlery Holder

Want to free up a spare drawer in your kitchen? This cute bamboo cutlery holder won’t look out of place on your dining table or bench top.

The Easy-Grab Tea Towel Holder

This nifty gadget makes grabbing your tea towel super easy. Stick them to your wall, appliances, or the inside of your cupboard – allowing wet cloths to easily dry and not drop on the floor.

If you want to take advantage of that extra space under shelves, this drawer will do the trick! Joseph Joseph is a well known high quality kitchen brand, so this drawer will go the distance.

A Shelf That Makes Your Corner Work Harder

This natural wood corner shelf is ideal for plates. or small appliances. It’s 60cm tall, and folds away neatly too, so you can keep things flexible.

Spice racks sure have come a long way – and this one is pretty chic! Tucked into that ‘dead space’ under your shelves, you could put two side-by-side if you have lots of spice jars.

A Well-Placed Food Scrap Bowl

Quit reaching into the cupboard to clear your scraps while cooking. This hanging waste bin is the perfect solution to keeping compost waste out of your precious cupboard space.

Everything Looks Better In These Storage Jars

These glass jars are not only aesthetically pleasing, they’re super practical for storing dry ingredients in too!

A Roll Of Versatile Blackboard Labels

Now that you’re storing everything neatly, a label will help you remember expiry dates and contents of containers.

Even potatoes can be organised! This potato bag keeps them fresh and contained in your cupboards.

Need a quick fix to your messy pantry or fridge? This set of six ‘drawer’ boxes will do the trick.

Four Extra Shelves For Literally Anything

This 4 shelf unit is the answer to all of your ‘no more space for appliances’ quandaries. Or recipe Style it up with your favourite kitchen accessories and jars.

A shelf on a shelf? Genius! This is the perfect height for standard food cans – which means you can double stack cans and jars on any shelf.

The Retro Gadget For Labelling Everything

Love to label? Us too. Go old-school with a Dymo embossing label maker for the budge price of £14.

No place to hang your tea towel? This cupboard-hanging one is perfect for rental properties and will keep them to-hand while you’re busy cooking and cleaning.

Stack Your Pots & Pans 3 Ways

One pan organiser, plenty of configurations. From one-sided to upstanding or double sided, its up to you how you want to organise your pots and pans!

A Place For All Of Your Bags

Give your plastic and eco-bags a new home. This over-door holder will keep bags neat and tidy until their next use.

A Potato Box For Your Bench

This storage tin is for all your potatoes and onions – it’s retro enough to look stylish on a bench too.

A Tall Set Of Sliding Baskets

Over 30cm tall, these two baskets are tall enough to house medium bottles and jars. They help eliminate the strain of finding items at the back of a cabinet.

This cloth bag-holder is ideal to store your used bags, and carrying it to the recycling point too! Once you’ve emptied it, you can fold it away for next time.

If you’re using up valuable pantry space for potatoes, onions and garlic, style up your bench with these three tins.

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