5 autumn/winter interior trends you need to know about

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Summer is over guys, time to accept it. The nights are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder, but it’s not all doom and gloom, because with a change in seasons comes a change in home decor. As much as we love the warmer months, our fave time of year to decorate our homes is autumn and winter, so we have looked into our crystal ball of interiors trends (aka, Pinterest, Instagram, designers, new collections) and picked out our favourite A/W 2020 interiors trends to get you inspired to have a seasonal makeover. 

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1. Embrace the cosy cottagecore trend

So what exactly is cottagecore? It’s a word we have seen bouncing around the internet this summer, and since we love to be in the know about these niche trends, we did some digging to find out what it’s all about and how to ‘get’ this popular look. 

In short, it would seem cottagecore is an aesthetic that started life on social media. It’s all very wholesome, pastoral and based around rural life. Type in #cottagecore on Instagram and your page will be filled with soft pastel colours, floaty dresses, quaint cottage interiors and a bit of Animal Crossing thrown in there too. 

To incorporate it into your home just think cluttered (in a good way), super cosy and just a little bit kitsch… 

2. Incorporate the trend for cane furniture 

The trend for rattan and cane furniture is still going strong into autumn and winter – sideboards, chairs and beds are all really easy ways to bring this stylish material into your home. We have also seen (and tested out for ourselves) loads of upcycling projects using rattan webbing if you are after a cheap way to add some of this trendy texture into your home. 

3. And add natural textures to every room 

Talking of texture, we are seeing texture increasingly being used to add interest to rooms rather than colour. We love the look of plenty of textures layered up but all in the same, or very similar colour. In living rooms and bedrooms, cushions and blankets are an obvious way of doing this but in other rooms, try bringing in textures with plants (dried flowers are massive at the moment) prints and well-curated knick knacks. 

4. Add touches of tartan for a highland vibe

This kind of highland heritage look always comes back at this time of year usually in slightly different forms. This year it was actually one of Ikea’s big trends for A/W and we are seeing it seep into the homes of Instagram and Pinterest too. It’s all about taking inspiration from rugged northern landscapes, with muted, natural colours and textures.

Obviously, you can’t forget tartan too – this classic print is a bit of a love/hate thing, but personally, we think in the right situation and in the right shades it can look really chic. 

5. Become a Grandmillennial

This is basically a new name for granny chic. It’s all about floral prints, lace table cloths, embroidered curtains, but it’s not twee, oh no, it’s timeless and we love it. There is a way to do it though to prevent your home from actually looking like your nan’s bedsit. You’ll see that these Grandmillennials do go big on the old fashioned prints and designs, but give spaces a modern twist by adding in some more contemporary pieces, say a Mid-century style velvet sofa. Sure, the spaces are nostalgic but they don’t feel dated or stuffy. 

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