22 Sleek and Spooky Halloween Decor Ideas

Decorating for Halloween is an exciting time of the year, but it can become repetitive when you use the same traditional decorations as every house on the block. Make this the year that you stand out and get creative with your Halloween decorations. Let’s elevate your haunted house by spicing up your gothic abode with some ghoulishly glamorous Halloween decor. It’s easier than you think, too. These unique items will have your friends asking to borrow your decorations for their next Halloween costume party. We’ve got a little bit of everything in the ole candy bag for ya:

  • Flameless Black Candles
  • Neon Skull
  • Bloody Edison Bulb Lights
  • Creepy Canvas Art
  • Boo-tastic Bar Essentials
  • Crystal Ball
  • Ouija Board Serving Platter

We’ve included items that are easy to set up and some of them could even stay out year-round. And because Halloween knows no barriers, the list also features a number of spooky selects that could be used indoors or outdoors.

Trick out your pad with these seriously stylish treats: here are the best Halloween decoration ideas you need this year.


1. Eldnacele Store Flickering Candles

There are tons of battery-operated electric candles out there, but none feature the unique detailing that these spooky beauts offer. The set of three candle pillars boast detailed illustrations of a spider web, a skull, and a raven. The simple black and white color scheme doesn’t detract from the warm glow of the faux flame and will go with any design theme.

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halloween decor skull candle, spider candle and raven candle

Buy: Eldnacele Store Flickering Candles $28.99


2. Clever Home Spell Books

From curses and potions to brews and spells, these decorative resin books are a spellbinding addition to any shelf or side table. The stack of books look perfectly aged and go great with any magical tarot or Hocus Pocus theme.

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Halloween decor spell books

Buy: Clever Home Spell Books $18.97


3. What on Earth LED lit Skull Light

This funky piece of Halloween decor is made out of mercury glass. When the light is turned off, it boasts a colorful iridescent facade, but when the inside light is turned on, the skull takes on a galaxy appearance that’s hauntingly gorgeous.

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Halloween decor light up skull

Buy: What on Earth LED lit Skull Light $50.65


4. Yihong Store Orange Fairy String Lights

If you’re looking to add an orange glow to your spooky set-up, these battery operated lights should do the trick. The set comes with two ropes that each have over 50 LED twinkle lights and stretch up to 16.4 feet in length. Plus, they feature eight different light modes –– from slow glow, to flash, and even wave –– allowing you to change the entire vibe of your space with the click of a button.

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Halloween decor orange fairy lights

Buy: Yihong Store Orange Fairy String Lights $10.99


5. H&D Crystal Ball 3D Skull

Skulls are a decor staple of the Halloween season, but this crystal ball with a 3D skull on the inside is a unique alternative. The glass globe, which also comes with a silver gothic stand, measures about three inches tall and three inches wide, making it the perfect little accent piece for your desk or coffee table.

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halloween decor skull globe

Buy: H&D Crystal Ball 3D Skull $25.99


6. Queen Sense Skull Neon Sign

Neon signs add a sense of cool to any room of which they are fortunate enough to glow. This neon sign is 100% handcrafted to achieve the perfect skull shape. Your walls will thank you later.

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halloween decor skull neon sign

Buy: Queen Sense Skull Neon Sign $75.00


7. Numbered Human Anatomical Model Skull

Anatomy class prop or Halloween decoration? You be the judge. This subtle decoration doesn’t necessary have to be taken down once the season is over, and that’s why we love it. It’s just spooky enough, but you can learn something from it as well!


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human anatomical skull, halloween decoration ideas

Buy: Human Anatomical Skull $40.90


8. Yunlights Halloween String Lights

Unfortunately, the 12-foot-tall Home Depot skeleton is sold out, but there are still plenty of oversized skeletons you can use to scare the pants off of local children. In fact, the infamous Home Depot skeleton is just one product in the company’s new Graves & Bones Halloween decor collection, which is full of scary decorations like posable skeletons and creepy headstones. We’re big fans of this life-size greyhound skeleton with glowing LED eyes. If you’re looking for genuinely scary Halloween decor, you can’t do better.

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home depot greyhound skeleton


9. Harui Lighted Tabletop Glittered Spooky Tree

Brighten up your pad with this spooked-out battery-operated tree. The lighted tabletop tree can stay lit for up to six hours and totals 18 inches tall, making it the perfect height for a table centerpiece or a decorative corner. The tree itself is black glitter and it has 24 orange LEDs spread evenly across the flexible and sturdy branches.


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lighted tabletop glittered spooky tree, halloween decoration ideas

Buy: Harui Tabletop Glittered Spooky Tree $25.99


10. Kitch Aroma Black Flameless Pillar Candles

Nothing sets the spooky mood quite like a dimly lit room glowing with flickering candlelight. These black wax candle pillars feature a faux flame that realistically mimics the glow of real candlelight. You don’t have to conjure magical powers to turn them on because the set comes with a timer and a remote. These will add a dash of spooky warmth to any room.

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black led candles, Halloween decor ideas

Buy: Kitch Aroma Black Flameless Pillar Candles $42.90


11. Elegance Eclipse Candy Bowl

Why use a regular plastic bowl like everybody else when you can have the chicest bowl on the block? With a matte black exterior and a polished copper-orange interior, this bowl features Halloween’s classic colors. It’s great for giving out candy to trick-or-treaters . . . or yourself.

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black and cooper halloween candy bowl, Halloween decor

Buy: Elegance Eclipse Candy Bowl $23.30


12. William Sonoma Shade Skull Decanter

Keep your spirits at bay this Halloween with this handcrafted crystal glass decanter. The stylish decanter is dishwasher safe and features a gorgeous skull-shaped glass topper. Your home bar never looked so good.

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glass skull decanter, cool Halloween decor idea


13. Final Touch Brain Freeze Decanter

Whether it’s for wine, whiskey or another liquid that needs breathing — this spooky decanter is the perfect decorative element for Halloween or accomplishing a scary vibe all year round. The floating glass skull adds quite a vibe to your pouring, and it can hold up to one liter or 33 ounces. Hand washing recommended.

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skull decanter, halloween decoration ideas


Buy: Final Touch Glass Skull Decanter $24.99


14. Wayfair Ouija Cheese Board

Entertaining guests? Add a little Halloween flair to your cheese board with this subtle Ouija-themed decoration. The “yes” “no” numbers and classic letters of the Halloween game are etched into this board in chalk without things getting too spooky. We just hope the cheese doesn’t start moving on its own.

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ouija spirit board, halloween decoration ideas


15. Wrought Studio Skull Canvas

This gallery-wrapped “Splash Skull” canvas by Ali Gulec is tasteful and unique. It’s a statement piece that can be used all year round and not just for Halloween. The impressive piece is available in eight different sizes. Prices start at $42.99 for the 12″ x 8″ canvas and work the way up to $249.99 for the 60″ x 40″ canvas.

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skull melting canvas


16. Mina Heal Crystal Ball

We can’t tell you the future, but we can promise that this black crystal ball is the perfect piece of witchy decor. The sphere is made of a volcanic glass known as obsidian, which is believed to be a protective stone — perfect for keeping your home safe from negative energies on All Hallow’s Eve.

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black crystal ball and wooden base

Buy: Mina Heal Crystal Ball $12.99


17. Calloway Mills Skull Doormat

Have you ever bought a nice doormat that was a light color and watched it get ruined in less than a month? We’ve been there too. That’s why this black skull doormat will not only be a great piece of decoration, but it will also not show dirt like light-colored mats. The mat is made with natural coir, and vinyl backing makes it sturdy and helps to prevent it from shifting.

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black skull doormat , spooky Halloween decoration

Buy: Calloway Mills Skull Doormat $38.24


18. Evelyne Triple LED Halloween Candles

We love this kitschy Halloween table decoration with triple flameless candles and a spooky skeleton holding them up. It’s made of durable materials and the flameless candles are a healthier, risk-free, eco-friendly alternative to conventional candles. Note that this decoration does take three AAA batteries which are not included in your purchase.

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Buy: Evelyne Triple LED Flameless Halloween Candles $19.95


19. Korlon Halloween Tablecloth

Spice up your hors d’oeuvres table with this creepy-crawly lace tablecloth. It’s a stylish and functional addition to the scariest of all nights.

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Halloween tablecloth, halloween decoration ideas


Buy: Korlon Halloween Tablecloth $15.99


20. RJ Legend Store Halloween Ceramic Tree

This might be a bit kitschy, but that doesn’t make it any less cool. The vintage throwback is actually one of the most popular items on the Halloween decor market right now. You’ll find variations of this ceramic tabletop Halloween tree everywhere, but Amazon has it covered with this one, which boasts over 50 bulbs and stands at 15 inches tall.

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Halloween decor black tree

Buy: RJ Legend Store Halloween Ceramic Tree $59.99


21. Yunlights Halloween String Lights

Edison bulbs are super trendy, so why not bloody them up for the Halloween season? This string of lights stretch 15.7 feet, plus they’re waterproof, meaning you can sport them inside or outside. They illuminate like a flickering flame, and the blood dripping from the top of each bulb gives the strand a red glow. With 45 bulbs, this will surely make Dracula jealous.

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Halloween decor bloody lights

Buy: Yunlights Halloween String Light $36.99


22. Posable Skeleton With LED Eyes

Here’s another great piece of scary Halloween decor courtesy of The Home Depot. This 5-foot-tall skeleton is perfectly posable and features creeepy glowing eyes. Inside or outside, this Halloween decoration is sure to give guests a fright.

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