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Editorial: We recommend Lizzie Fletcher for U.S. House District 7

Two years after her first-ever run for public office resulted in the defeat of a nine-term Republican incumbent, Democratic U.S. Rep. Lizzie Fletcher faces re-election with a solid record of accomplishment and a reputation for working across the aisle and serving constituents.

She has kept her promises.

We recommend that voters in Texas’ 7th Congressional District let her continue the job she has started.

Fletcher is challenged by Republican Wesley Hunt, a West Point graduate who served as a helicopter pilot in Iraq and as a diplomatic liaison officer in Saudi Arabia. He now works in real estate.

Libertarian candidate Shawn Kelly, a drafter-designer in the oil and gas industry, is also on the ballot.

Although a political novice, Fletcher, 45, hit the ground running in her first term, authoring a bill to cut federal red tape and speed disaster recovery funding that was much needed in the Houston area.

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