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Aznom Palladium ‘Hyper Limousine’ Interior Teased With Two New Shots

a close up of a car: Aznom Palladium interior teaser

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Aznom Palladium interior teaser

Promising the best in craftsmanship Italy has to offer.

So far, 2020 has been full of (mostly unpleasant) surprises. The world hasn’t stopped spinning, however, so it’s time for yet another one and, fortunately, this time it is shaping up to be an interesting one. It comes from Italy and the Monza-based Aznom Automotive company.

We first heard about Aznom’s upcoming Palladium in late September when the model’s first teaser images were released. Today, we can share two more teasers providing a sneak peek at the cabin of the world’s first “hyper limousine.”

No, that’s not a term we’ve invented but how the automaker itself describes its new product. More precisely, as Aznom says, this is what

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