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dalit lilienthal adorns minimalist interior in tel aviv with custom-made furniture

interior design studio dalit lilienthal has completed the renovation of an apartment in tel aviv, to generate a flexible, modifiable family home. the whole layout of the flat was altered to create an open plan interior, that allows natural light and air to flow right through. 

modular box 1
all images courtesy of studio dalit lilienthal



studio dalit lilienthal has demolished all inner walls to design a permeable new dwelling. at the same time, the design incorporates large windows, which ensure ventilation and at the same time, allow residents to feel closer to the outdoors. despite this open character, the house is designed to easily generate more intimate area when needed, without compromising its spaciousness.

modular box 2



instead of designing a corridor to lead residents towards the bedrooms, the architects have created a box, incorporating various storage solutions and functions. this structure defines the bedrooms and the workspace, while still allowing a pleasant flow and

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