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How Judas Priest Got a Lifetime Ban From Madison Square Garden

Rob Halford recalls how Judas Priest received a lifetime ban from Madison Square Garden in an exclusive excerpt from his memoir Confess: The Autobiography.

The British band’s performance at the legendary New York venue in 1985 was its second visit, and singer Halford hoped it wouldn’t be the last. But after fans rioted and caused hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage, they’ve never been allowed to return.

A statement by the publisher calls Confess ”the story of an extraordinary five decades in the music industry” and “the tale of unlikely encounters with everybody from Superman to Andy Warhol, Madonna, Jack Nicholson and the queen. More than anything else, it’s a celebration of the fire and power of heavy metal.” Confess: The Autobiography is on sale now.


We headed back down into America. In Madison, Wisc., we had to shelter 10,000 people under the bleachers of the Dane

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Bratt Decor Chelsea Crib – Are Lifetime Cribs All They’re Cracked Up To Be?

Have you seen cribs like the Bratt Decor Chelsea Lifetime Crib? This baby bed is fairly amazing.

It is astonishingly beautiful to look at and that’s only the beginning. As a “lifetime” crib, it is designed to do just that – grow into a full-sized bed as your child grows – meaning that you won’t ever need to buy another bed for your child.


Interesting idea, to be sure. But lifetime beds do come with a substantial cost attached and that’s the real key to this idea. Are they worth their price tag?

Let’s look at the concept of lifetime cribs from the eye of a parent. I’ve raised four children and have seen plenty of beds come and go through our home. Here are some things you’ll want to consider – both pro and con – before jumping on Bratt cribs’ – or any other manufacturer’s – lifetime … Read More